“The Western world is freer and the elites hate it”

June 25th, 2016

Six observations on Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

“The vote for Brexit is a vote for sovereignty and self-determination. Britain will no longer be subject to European legislation, with Britain’s Parliament retaking control. British judges will no longer be overruled by the European Court of Justice, and British businesses will be liberated from mountains of EU regulations, which have undermined economic liberty… Indeed, Brexit will result in a bonfire of red tape, freeing the city of London and enterprises across the nation from European Union diktat. And at last, Britain is free again to negotiate its own free trade deals, a huge boost to the world’s fifth largest economy.” – Nile Gardiner, “Why Americans Should Celebrate the Brexit Vote” – The Daily Signal, June 24th, 2016.

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Full transcript of Trump’s NYC speech on the election stakes

June 24th, 2016

“The choice in this election is a choice between taking our government back from the special interests, or surrendering our last scrap of independence to their total and complete control… My message is that things have to change – and this is our one chance do it. This is our last chance to do it.”

This speech is an important analysis of the dangers America faces with a Hillary Clinton presidency, and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Goodall.

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The day Britain stood up and reclaimed its birthright…

June 24th, 2016

I thought this might happen.

The British working man is sick and tired of being told that he is a “racist” whenever he says he doesn’t want to be invaded and have his country taken over by unassimilable foreigners, and as with the murder of Jo Cox, the floodgates are opening up.

I take no pleasure in it, but you self-righteous “liberals” have been stomping on the rest of us for far too long, and now the average Joe is waking up, and we are about to get even, at least in the UK.

Now it’s your turn to be treated like dirt… and yes, I am delighted. Enough of you globalist, race-mixing traitors; our heroes from the past such as Watt Tyler, Sir Drancis Drake, Horatio Nelson and all the others, can now sleep a little more easily knowing that their beloved country is taking back the reins of power from the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels.

And, to add to my delight, the Scots will now have a second referendum to leave the U.K., and with any luck, those arrogant, whiney obstructionists will be gone and out of our faces. Had the Globalists and immigration boosters won, Scotland would have had a very large part of it.

The tide seems to be turning, and I feel that a Donald Trump presidency will be the next break-through for the White race.

“Channel blocked by fog, continent isolated!”

I love it so…

Jeff Goodall.

Gay & LGBT Agenda – June 23rd, 2016

June 23rd, 2016

Six items in total…

New York City: Commission on Human Rights to enforce gender identities they can’t even define – “Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities

Surrey B.C: Secondary School’s gay-straight alliance to host “pride prom” for LGBTQ youth – “to give LGBTQ students from different high schools a chance to meet, have fun and feel supported”

Oregon: Circuit court rules that residents can legally change their gender to “nonbinary” – “individuals who identify with any gender”

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June 22nd, 2016

Once in a while something happens that, while it may have little meaning to anyone else, marks an important change in our lives. In this case, I just found that I have been “de-friended” by a Facebook friend I have known for not-quite 40 years. I will call him “DJ”.

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Random Quotations – June 21st, 2016

June 21st, 2016

Three Israel-related items… all emphasis added by me.

“I have never believed that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. That is ridiculous… I have to conclude that it was Israel’s intent to sink the Liberty and leave as few survivors as possible… What is so chilling and cold-blooded, of course, is that they could kill as many Americans as they did in confidence that Washington would cooperate in quelling any public outcry.” – Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, in a June 8th, 1997 memorandum, quoted by the U.S.S. Liberty Memorial web-site.

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Random Quotations – June 20th, 2016

June 20th, 2016

Some more quotations reflecting on the “progressive” responses to the Orlando massacre – emphasis added by me, four items in total…

“An oppressed Muslim has done bad things to people who matter – not worthless ”white trash” girls in Rotherham, but precious members of the LGBTQ community… How could this happen? How could one liberal pet turn on another like that? In Guardianista (The Guardian newspaper -JG) hagiology, the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community are even more sacred than the left-wing cartoonists who died at Charlie Hebdo who, after all, were mainly White.” – Tobias Langdon, the Occidental Observer – “Sunshine hate: Liberal responses to the Orlando vibrancy” June 16th, 2016.

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Random Quotations – June 17th, 2016

June 17th, 2016

Some quotations about Islam that might be illuminating in terms of the present upheaval over the Orlando massacre – emphasis added by me – six items in total…

“Islam is a religion of peace, period. End of discussion. ‘Violent extremist’ outfits such as ISIS and al-Qaeda kill wantonly, with no real ideological motivation. ISIS and al-Qaeda are thus not Islamic, but actually anti-Islamic – and if they cite Islamic scripture to justify their atrocities, they are ‘hijacking’ and ‘perverting’ Islam. Because we must see these groups as ‘anti-Islam’ rather than Islam, it is acceptable to call a mass-murder attack ‘terrorism’ only if law-enforcement develops some plausible tie to these groups. Otherwise, if a Muslim is involved, stick with ‘workplace violence’ and the like. Finally when an attack committed by a Muslim is too obviously terrorism to deny, call it ‘ISIS-inspired,’ or ‘al-Qaeda-inspired,’ or ‘Hamas political resistance,’ etc. – but by all means do not, absolutely do not, ascribe it to Islam in any way shape or form.” – Andrew C. McCarthy, “Killing Homosexuals Is Not ISIS Law, It Is Muslim Law” – National Review, June 12th, 2016.

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Understanding the Orlando massacre

June 17th, 2016

There are so many different aspects to this incident, particularly with regards to the mad rush by self-interest groups to gain political advantage from it, that it is hard to know where to start.

A full and proper understanding of the background, Muslim religious attitudes, and the leftist desire to conflate criticism of attacks on “gays” with “Islamophobia”, is necessary to be able to make any sense at all out of the situation.

Additionally, we are often told that the perpetrators of such crimes are “mentally unstable” or “unwell”, which has the effect of taking the blame away from the Muslim religion.  This ignores the problem of the Muslim tendency towards inbreeding, which can result in significantly lower IQ and mental stability.

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The Palestine Chronicle is now in serious danger of folding?

June 15th, 2016

The following is a copy-and-paste of their most recent appeal. I have been receiving their emails for several years now, and consider them to be highly informative.

“Dear Readers,

“The commitment of the Palestine Chronicle to the Palestinian cause spans more than 15 years. During this time, it has expanded its readership significantly, grown in terms of content as well as a limited but highly effective staff, and remained committed to being at the forefront of current news.

“However, and most unfortunately, this non-profit organization runs the serious risk of being shut down. As dismal and unfortunate as it is, this is the reality of the situation for the Palestine Chronicle at the moment.

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