“Nature / Environment / Critters” November 28th, 2015

November 28th, 2015

Seven items in total…

U.S.A: Democratic lawmakers plan to “investigate” anyone who doesn’t “toe the line” on global warming

South Africa: Judge lifts ban on domestic rhino horn trade, raising concerns about the black market in Vietnam and China

Ontario: Snowy Owl sighting excites schoolchildren

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Black Crime – November 28th, 2015

November 28th, 2015

Missouri: Two “teenagers” kill White woman, drive around with her body propped up in the passenger seat

South Africa: Black “activists” terrorize White students, threaten to kill them

Indianapolis: Two Blacks kill pregnant White woman in home invasion

Toronto: Blacks force 13 year-old girl to work as a hooker

Louisiana: Black ex-con goes on rampage, stabs three women (killing one) and shoots cop

Is Donald Trump too dangerous to be allowed to live?

November 27th, 2015

“Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident… The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media, and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened like never before.”

The following item is hard to attribute, so I am providing a link (*) to the web-page that I copied and pasted it from. Whatever its origin, it is blunt and to the point, and I believe that while it is purely speculative, the speculation is sufficiently well-founded that the warning should be taken very seriously indeed.

As Mike Rivero of “whatreallyhappened” would say, “Stay out of small planes, Donald!”

Here it is in its entirety. There are some interesting comments if you visit the linked page.

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Muslims and the West – November 26th, 2015

November 26th, 2015

Nine items in total…

U.K: Police threatened with violence for enforcing the law in Muslim communities

Australia: Muslim gang-rape covered up – “All okay because the victim was just an Aussie girl

Sweden: North African “teenagers” living in Stockholm tent camp gang-rape Swedish woman – 77.6 percent of the country’s rapists are identified as ‘foreigners’

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Here we go? – Turkey downs Russian plane near Syrian border

November 24th, 2015

“The Turkish military said it issued 10 warnings in five minutes before the Su-24 attack aircraft was shot down by two F-16 jets. Russia’s defense ministry denied the plane ever strayed from Syria… In a related incident, Syrian rebels claimed to have shot down a Russian helicopter searching for the plane’s pilots, using U.S.-supplied TOW missiles.” (1).

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Obama & America’s Decline – November 23rd, 2015

November 23rd, 2015

Seven items in total…

Is Obama’s election the result of racial/political “affirmative action”? A detailed and lengthy examination of the known facts

Is Obama deliberately choosing national suicide? – “Obama is dangerous as a President because his ideologies, Marxism and sympathy for Islam, drive him to pursue policies that run counter to the national interest, the well-being of the American people and, quite frankly, the survival of the country… He is not on our side.

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Gay & LGBT Agenda – November 21st, 2015

November 21st, 2015

Chicago: U.S. Dept. of Education’s “Office for Civil Rights” orders school district to allow male transgender student to use the girls’ locker room and shower on school premises – or lose federal funding

Scotland: Failure to teach lesbian and gay issues in schools called a “national disgrace” – issue viewed as “taboo” in many of Scotland’s schools

U.S. Dept. of Justice: Text of “Observing Transgender Day of Remembrance” Nov. 20th.

Virginia: School administrators began implementing controversial transgender policy changes before voting took place…

Houston: “Bathroom ordinance” defeat has lesbian Mayor threatening “The Super Bowl is slated to come in 2017, and there are rumblings of plans to ask the NFL to move and go elsewhere in support of LGBT people and other groups HERO (the ordinance) would have protected”

“Free speech issues” – November 21st, 2015

November 21st, 2015

An analysis of the satire “Israel Must Perish” and Arthur Topham’s guilty finding for “communicating hatred”

“Amherst Uprising” university students demand that people distributing “free speech” fliers be disciplined and subjected to “extensive training for racial and cultural competency”

The Mizzou protesters are the real racists

The coming demise of free speech – controlling the political sphere by silencing dissent or demonizing it…

Professor hounded for discussion of “the modern family, the culture of divorce, ethics of third-party reproduction, and issues with adoption”

Self-righteous lemmings being “beautifully Canadian”

November 21st, 2015

“We cannot use these new Syrian refugees that we commit to bring here to Canada as a scapegoat for these crimes against other innocent civilians” – Mohamed Boudjenane, Acting President of the Canadian Arab Federation (1).

“We’re looking at how can we provide an appropriate channel for that goodwill to be realized… What we’re doing is so beautifully Canadian…” – Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins (Emphasis added -JG) (1).

“Westerners say we don’t want war, but what they don’t get is ISIS is saying, ‘War wants you.’” – Herb London, President of the “London Center for Policy Research” (2).

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Various responses to the Paris attacks – Nov. 19th, 2015

November 19th, 2015

European and other reactions to the Paris terrorist attacks – six items in total…

Europe: Will E.U. leaders move towards closing down mosques and banning Islam?

Germany: Merkel calls for “tolerance” towards migrants after Paris massacre – despite recent warnings that the middle class is becoming “radicalized” and that domestic unrest may occur

Looney-tunes sicko: “Settler Rabbi” Dov Lior says that “The wicked ones in blood-soaked Europe deserve it for what they did to our people 70 years ago”

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