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My Good Friend Digger

Digger was put to sleep on February 13th this year. That’s just a little over six months ago, but I haven’t felt able to write about it until now.
On December 27th a couple of guys came over to take a big, wooden work bench which I was giving to a neighbour who lives just up the street. On the bench was a heavy safe, around 2 x 2 x 2 feet, weighing at least 200 pounds. I cautioned the guys that the safe was extremely heavy, and that I wanted it put on a table a few feet away. Bad mistake on my part; they pulled it straight off the bench and it instantly dropped, landing on a corner on the floor making an extremely loud noise and causing the house to shake.
Digger was just a few feet away behind a closed door, where I had put him to keep him out of the way.

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Some letters to the editor…

I haven’t posted much lately, the hot weather seems to have greater effect on me as I get older…
Below are some of the letters I have had published so far this year, and I am reproducing them in hopes of encouraging like-minded individuals to publicly express their opinions also.
I am somewhat limited in what I can do these days, but working at my computer is still possible, especially in the winter.
The letters below are copy-and-paste with the exception of those in the National Post. The Post doesn’t publish their letters on-line, so I have relied on the “Pressreader” versions.

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Adjusting To Change…

(This post will be kept more-or-less “on top of” my other posts, and I invite you to check in once in a while…)

Since I posted “Crossroads!” on July 4th of this year (1), I am well on the way to changing my routine and switching from working on my blog, to preparing to spend several hours a day working on my memoirs.

I find that I still want to be well-informed, and I spend the first hour or two each day keeping up with incoming emails and other chores. I am not assembling anything new for posting other than interesting quotations I find, and these are fully credited so you can easily find the original article and read it in full if you wish. Beyond that, I want to concentrate on settling into writing, although any news issue that comes up that I consider to be worth an “original” post in its own right will receive prompt attention. We’ll see how that goes…

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After a little over seven years researching for and writing this blog, I find myself ignoring other things that I should be doing. Most importantly to me, that means writing my memoirs. To that end, postings will be drastically reduced except whenever some event happens that I feel demands alternative attention.

I have said this once before, but now I mean it.

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Canada’s 150th Birthday: We Are Running Out Of Time…

I arrived in Toronto on July 8th, 1966, in Canada’s 99th year. The population of Toronto was around 95% White, the rest being Indians (currently referred to as “indiginous” – the nom-du-jour can change quite frequently), and Blacks, whose ancestors arrived here via the Underground Railway. Others were few and far between.

One of the “others” was a Jamaican work-mate whose mother was Black and his father Jewish, a rather unusual mix I would think! He wanted to go out for a few beers after work one Friday, and we went to the El Mocambo, later to become famous thanks to the Rolling Stones, (with an assist from Justin Trudeau’s mother Margaret).

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Saint George’s Day – An important part of White identity

“All over England, British National Party members will be at the forefront of local community celebrations of St George’s Day… Long ignored or belittled by the political elite, awareness of Englishness and celebrations of England’s national day are growing stronger every year… From Carlisle to Dover, from the Suffolk coast to the borders of Wales, the 23rd of April sees English people and communities celebrating with family days, charity pub events, face-painting and a thousand-and-one other ways of having fun while showing that we’re proud of who and what we are.”

(*) – See “English identity gets stronger every year” here.

Another Computer Crash…

Well, it happened again – exactly two weeks after I purchased another computer, it crashed. Fortunately, I was able to figure out how to re-format and re-install my operating system, but it took a lot of time and necessitated re-installing all of the programmes I had lost.

And, more to the point, once again I lost a mass of information and references I had accumulated for posting, so once again I have to start from scratch, and this will affect the number of postings for a while.

Beyond that, from “crash” to “recovery” took no more than 24 hours, so things could have been a lot worse!

Now I hope things will improve for a while – having to become adept at recovering from computer disasters is not something I would wish on anybody…

Jeff Goodall.

Computer woes…

Well, I’m finally back on-line after my old computer began acting up and wouldn’t start. Now I have a new computer and have to restart a lot of my work, as operational files for this blog were lost and of course all my bookmarks etc. have to be set up again.
I will recommence posting soon as as I can, and hope to be back to normal in a week or so.
Them’s the breaks!
Jeff Goodall.

Posts down recently…

This will happen from time to time, my health isn’t always that good, and sometimes I just need to take a break.

I try hard to gather cogent information for those who do not have as much time as I do to go through large amounts of information, and I hope that my efforts will go some distance towards filling a useful niche.

It seems unlikely that I will find myself unable to post anything for some time yet, but if that day ever arrives, I will say so.

Jeff Goodall.