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Stephen Harper and Israel – May 24th, 2015

PM receives the King David Award “in honour of his principled support of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide” – see here.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney – “Canada has taken a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination including in rhetoric towards Israel, and attempts to delegitimise Israel such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.” – see here.

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The Israel trip: Has Stephen Harper finally lost it?

It’s hard to know where to start here, but if you want to examine Harper’s “rock star welcome”  and performance in Israel, just peruse the links below.

I am absolutely astonished that Harper would completely ignore Israel’s on-going seizures of Palestinian land, vicious military occupation of Palestine, and unwillingness to hold back “settlers” who attack Palestinians, damage their property, and destroy their trees and crops.

And now Harper has the nerve to say that criticism of Israel constitutes “anti-Semitism”?

What is there not to criticize about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians?

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The ongoing Stephen Harper – Israel “Love-In”

“Israel is a racist theocracy, which treats all citizens who are not Jewish as second rate inferiors. It practices apartheid, and subjects the Palestinans to a brutal military occupation that has killed many thousands including women and children… To praise Israel in the name of all Canadians is an unacceptable breach of decency and common sense, and deserves to be condemned…”

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Is Canada a “wanna-be gangster looking up to a Mafia boss”?

“In the international affairs equivalent of a Mafia initiation ceremony Canada has sworn undying loyalty and to be a faithful soldier in Israel’s cause…  The week before last the head of Canadian Forces visited Israel to deepen “cooperation between the two militaries”… Despite the Israeli Defense Force’s many human rights violations, many Canadian companies sell weapons directly to Israel…”

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Canada’s pathetic obeisance to Israel

Canadian governmental grovelling to Israel is reaching the point of insanity, let alone criminality, in my humble opinion.  Canada is a nation whose professional armed forces, while of the highest calibre, are minimal.  And, of course, we have no nuclear weapons.  And yet, how proud we are to offer support to a country whose armed forces outnumber ours many times over, and which possesses more nuclear weapons than the British!

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The New Year: Let’s see an end to Stephen Harper’s love-in with Israel

Moving one’s own population into occupied territories is contrary to International law; Article 49 of Fourth Geneva Convention (adopted in 1949 and now part of customary international law) prohibits mass movement of people out of or into occupied territory under ‘belligerent military occupation’.   (Wikipedia).

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Stephen Harper’s twisted views on Israel

“We have the right and thus the obligation to speak out and stand up” Harper urged CJPAC supporters to continue their work. “You are standing for the very values that go to the core of what both Canada and Israel are all about – opposition to violence, to tyranny, to antisemitism, to all the related forms of racism and intolerance. And you are supporting freedom, democracy, justice for our fellow citizens indeed, for all peoples.”

What an appallingly inaccurate statement by a man who should know better, and who should put the interests of all Canadians before anything else.

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