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“Racist vandals” and the police as political performers

Once again, this time in the person of York Regional Police 1 District Inspector Rick McCabe,  we have a police officer who misunderstands his function in society.  His comment “We won’t be asking for a plea bargain… We’re going to be asking for jail time — lots of it” sounds most impressive, and will undoubtedly help advance his career in today’s politically-correct policing environment, but the police won’t be making any recommendations to the courts, the Crown will.

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Royal Canadian Legion: Poppy issue follow-up

The article below provides a concise summation of the issues, and you can ‘vote’ on whether or not the RCL should be allowed to have sole rights over the poppy as a registered trademark.

In my opinion, one solution might be for the trademark to be transferred to Her Majesty The Queen “In Right of Canada”, with requests to use the poppy being vetted by the Governor-General.

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