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Eves must go!

This seems to be an appropriate time to post this item.
“Such tremendous strides were made by Mike Harris in balancing the budget and getting Ontario’s house in order after the disastrous Liberal / NDP years, and now it has all been thrown away by one man in just a year and a half.”   
 Jeff Goodall, ‘Fightback’: Toronto Free Press, October 6th, 2003.

Pinko re-tread Ernie Eves tries to sabotage Ontario PC’s

I consider Star columnist M.R. Cohn’s assertion that there is no unity of purpose to the various segments of the provincial Conservatives, and the dig about plates and pots flying, to be more anti-Conservative sensationalism than any accurate reflection of reality.

The fact of the matter is that eight years ago, Ernie Eves campaigned to head the party on the slogan “We’ve come so far” and I supported him, expecting a continuation of the successful policies of Mike Harris.

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