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Turkish crisis over?

Turkey seems to have calmed down, and Danish planes are now flying from Incirlik on missions against ISIS. What exactly happened may never be known, but in all likelihood the Turks were testing the limits. Erdogan is still very dangerous, and determined to either flood Europe with “refugees” or get non-visa travel for Turkish citizens into Europe, which would have the same long-term effect.

The initial Russian stories may have been somewhat exaggerated, but the underlying problems still remain, including concerns about stashing nukes in unstable countries…

Hopefully, with the base seemingly back to normal, this will be the end of it.

Jeff Goodall.

Will Turkey seize the U.S. nuclear weapons at Incirlik?

“On Sunday, July 31, thousands of Turks mobbed the gates of the NATO airbase at Incirlik, threatening to seize the facility from the U.S. for allegedly supporting a failed military coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan… The U.S. should immediately remove all nuclear weapons from Turkey and relocate them in European NATO countries or bring them back to the United States… It may be that Obama’s Defense Department has been so taken by surprise by events in Turkey that they are unprepared to execute emergency contingency plans to remove nuclear weapons from Incirlik.” (1).

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The Incirlik air base crisis continues…

I am aware of unconfirmed reports from a reliable source that it was reported by various intelligence agencies in May this year that two American B61 nuclear weapons are up for sale on the European black market, and that “high grade” US weapons are also missing from various inventory reports.

These include “B-1 weapons”, which I imagine means weapons deliverable by B-1 bombers, which could be conventional or nuclear. France has at some point released an intelligence report that security at “a military base in Turkey, used by US coalition forces”, has been breached by “unknown forces”.

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Turkey, America, Fethullah Gulen, and the Incirlik air base

Although the present situation seems to have commenced less than 24 hours ago, I think it significant that nothing drastic has happened as yet; if the Turks were up to serious mischief, they wouldn’t have waited this long to make a move against the base itself, and if another “coup” is brewing, it has yet to show itself.

Going by several different sources, (some links below), “the move is a surprising action taken against an important U.S. strategic asset.” Turkey cut power to the base for almost a week after the recent coup attempt, requiring internal power generation. This will have been deeply worrying to the U.S. military, and Dr. Michael Rubin, a middle east expert at the American Enterprise Institute, is quoted by the Daily Caller as saying that “the Turkish government’s actions were akin to taking Incirlik airbase hostage” (1).

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Something is happening in Turkey…

Several thousand Turkish troops, and/or paramilitary police, have surrounded the Incirlik air base for a “safety check”. Several dozen nuclear weapons are stored at Incirlik, and if the Turkish government, or rogue elements, try to seize them then it will get very nasty, very quickly.

People protesting the failure of NATO government leaders to support Erdogan in the recent “coup” were demonstrating in front of the base within the last day or so, many demanding that the U.S. leave Turkey.

This situation has a very serious negative potential…

See the news items listed below.

Jeff Goodall.

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