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Cop guilty of “attempted” murder in killing of teenager

“A Toronto police officer has been found guilty of attempted murder in the 2013 shooting death of a troubled teen on an empty streetcar, an incident that sparked public outrage and street protests in the city… After six days of deliberations, the 11-member jury cleared Const. James Forcillo of the more serious charge of second-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim in July 2013” – National Post, Jan. 25th (*).

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Policing & Justice-Related Issues – April 22nd, 2015

Toronto: Sentences “extended” on corruption, extortion and assault convictions of drug squad officers

Ontario: Police watchdog will reopen investigation of an OPP officer who caused “catastrophic injuries” to Orillia woman – she later sues for damages in response to delays – see here and here

Ontario: Ontario Provincial Police Association brass charged under by-laws regarding “a sophisticated financial scheme… to deceive and profit from members” following RCMP raid

Canada: Huffington Post review of police brutality (Sept. 2013)

Canada: RCMP officer convicted of perjury in Vancouver Airport Taser death

Police Abuses – February 21st, 2015

Toronto: Three officers charged in “gang sex assault

Oshawa: Pacemaker proves accused killer’s innocence – investigative “tunnel vision” and negligence cited

RCMP: Officer found guilty of lying under oath at public inquiry into Vancouver airport Tazer death

Sudbury: City cop charged with assault over video of man’s head being smashed against window

RCMP: Class-action lawsuit launched over Alberta “High River” gun seizures – see here and here

Police Killings, Violence, Intimidation – Dec. 28th, 2014

OPP: 48-year-old-grandmother karate-kicked, sucker-punched and left with “catastrophic injuries”

Peel Region: Judge rules police coerced, intimidated and threatened witnesses in murder case – here and here

QPP: Crown didn’t know why Quebec cop speeding but said he was justified anyway – here and here

Sudbury: Police video shows prisoner’s head being smashed into window at headquarters

RCMP: Law to provide more civilian oversight comes into effect

Ontario Premier wants to dictate questions in court

Wynne’s a lawyer now?

Re “Clothes, sexual history off limits in sex assault cases, Wynne says” (Antonella Artuso, Dec. 4): I agree that serious efforts should be made to encourage women who have been sexually assaulted to come forward, but on what legal grounds can a provincial premier presume to place limits on the options available to lawyers who are defending clients charged under the federal criminal code?

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York Region Police victims of race-card opportunism?

“The sergeant’s unofficial probe into her personal affairs happened at the same time her husband – Dameian Muirhead, also a York Region constable – was fighting internal misconduct allegations of his own… Though there is no proof, the Muirheads believe Chantal is the victim of a reprisal for her husband’s fight to clear his name in a racially charged case in which the Muirheads went on to sue the service earlier this year… The Muirheads are suing the service over the handling of the public complaint, alleging a ‘negligent and malicious investigation’, and are seeking $15 million in compensation and damages.”

“(Police Chief Eric) Joliffe, in his statement, said the service had to remain silent while it ‘endured a series of baseless accusations and attempts to tarnish the exemplary record’ the service had on ‘racial and cultural inclusivity.’”

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“Native discount” sentencing works against aboriginals…

“(Convicted murderer) Kokopenace, has appealed his sentence. He says it was unfair. It was too harsh. Because, you see, Kokopenace is aboriginal himself… And he claims the trial wasn’t fair because aboriginals were underrepresented in the jury pool… Incredibly, the Ontario Court of Appeal agreed with the grounds for appeal – they said the jury pool didn’t have enough aboriginal people in it, so that was racist.” – Ezra Levant.

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