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Random Quotations – Education – Nov. 15th, 2017

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Six items in total…

“…Peterson said the website would enable students to enter university course descriptions, as well as professors’ names, disciplines and places of work, to find out if the course was in what he judges to be a ‘corrupt’ discipline, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take the course and ‘become a social justice warrior’… Eventually the website would contain a list of ‘courses and professors and disciplines that should be avoided’.” – Samantha Beattie, “U of T prof’s proposed website would target professors teaching women’s and ethnic studies” – Toronto Star, Nov. 10th, 2017.


Random Quotations – Education – Oct. 22nd, 2017

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Five items in total…

“This move ends the an unjust process that was initiated in 2011… During that time, Universities across the country radically changed the definition of sexual assault, created Kangaroo Courts on Campus, and substantially scaled back protections for students (a majority men) accused of it, which has ultimately led to job loss, humiliation, expulsion, and even suicide of men in college who were falsely accused and were stripped of their due process rights.” – Sonya Sasser, “End of Obama-era campus kangaroo courts: Huge victory for college students” – PolitiChicks, Oct. 2nd, 2017.


Random Quotations – Education – Oct. 1st, 2017

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Four (larger) items in total…

“Bressack, who identifies as gender neutral, sent a note home to parents saying that she expected their fifth-grade children to address her as ‘Mx. Bressack’ and to use plural pronouns when discussing her singular self… The backlash from parents was intense… ‘Mx. Bressack, a Tallahassee elementary school teacher who identifies as non-binary, faced backlash this week after sending home a letter explaining to parents that they wish to be referred to as ‘Mx Bressack’ and with gender-neutral pronouns. This backlash is extremely underserved and dehumanizing,’ a Facebook post concerning the letter-writing campaign explains.” – Eric Owens, “Gay activists are furious because teacher can’t tell fifth graders to use gender-neutral pronouns” – Daily Caller, Sept. 29th, 2017.


Random Quotations – Education – Sept. 21st, 2017

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Five items in total…

“From where do all these leftist groups come?… Most owe their existence to the continuous hatching of parasitic larvae formulated in government education and academic laboratories. Over ninety percent of college and university instructors and administrators are liberal and devote extraordinary resources toward indoctrinating young people into their leftist orthodoxy. From these corrupt, bureaucratic beginnings, modern Marxists are born.” – Jim Mullen, “The march of today’s alt-left activists” – Politichicks, September 2nd, 2017.


Politically Correct Intolerance & Antifa Violence On Campus

Monday, September 11th, 2017

“No Campus for White Men shines a bright light on the growing obsession with diversity, victimization and identity politics on today’s college campuses, and shows how it is creating an intensely hostile and fearful atmosphere that can only lead, ultimately, to ever greater polarization in American society… Across the country, ugly campus protests over speakers with dissenting viewpoints, as well as a preoccupation with micro-aggressions, ‘trigger warnings,’ ‘safe spaces,’ and brand-new ‘gender identities,’ make it obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with higher education. For years, colleges have pursued policies favoring students based not on their merit, but on their race, gender, and sexual orientation. The disturbingly negative effects of this culture are now impossible to deny.”


Random Quotations – Education – August 18th, 2017

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Five items in total…

“Investigator Laura Williams, of Williams HR Law, conducted the investigation as an independent third party. She found the allegation could not be conclusively substantiated, following an analysis of the available evidence… Williams recommended a number of initiatives that the DDSB has commenced if similar circumstances were ever to arise…” – Whitby This Week, “Investigator finds racial slur allegation at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School cannot be substantiated” –, July 13th, 2017.


Random Quotations – Education – July 2nd, 2017

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Five items in total…

“The University of Delaware is distancing itself from comments made by an adjunct professor after she said a college student who died after being held by North Korea ‘got exactly what he deserved’… The Wilmington News Journal reports that anthropology professor Kathy Dettwyler said on her personal Facebook page that Otto Warmbier was ‘typical of a mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueless males’ she teaches.” – Associated Press, “Otto Warmbier, U.S. student who died after N. Korea detention, ‘got exactly what he deserved,’ Delaware prof says” – Toronto Sun, June 24th, 2017.


Random Quotations – Education – May 24th, 2017

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Five items in total…

“The University of Arizona is hiring students to be ‘social-justice activists,’ [SJAs] and the job description demands that they ‘report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff’… In other words: These kids are being paid to tattle on other kids for anything they might consider to be a microaggression, and any students who gets (sic) these jobs should probably identify themselves so that other students will know to never invite them to their parties… According to the university’s website, the official title of the position is ‘social-justice activist,’ and it pays $10 per hour. They can expect to work about 15 hours per week, which, as the Daily Caller notes, means that they will be making roughly $600 per month to behave like self-righteous, meddling nightmares.” – Harvard Crimson article “U-Arizona is hiring-students-to tattle on others for bias-incidents” quoted by Edward Cline in “College snitches” – Family Security Matters, May 19th, 2017.


Music next target in the cultural destruction of the West

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

“Shaw is the first student in Harvard’s history to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in the English Department, the university said. The album, called ‘Liminal Minds,’ has earned the equivalent of an A-minus grade, good enough to guarantee that Shaw will graduate with honors next week” (1).

“Durham District School Board Chairman Michael Barrett says the DDSB participates in programs like the School Alliance of Student Songwriters competition, and this year started offering a Grade 11 hip hop appreciation course at J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate in Ajax… The board recently purchased sets of African djembe drums, ukuleles, and indigenous hand drums for schools to use, with training provided to classroom teachers.” (2).


Random Quotations – Education – May 17th, 2017

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Seven items in total…

“The Church of England has called for parents to lose the right to withdraw their children from religious education classes – because some parents are apparently using it to pull their children out of lessons on Islam… Derek Holloway, the head of RE in the Church of England’s education office, has called for that right to be removed from parents and for their children to be taught other world religions regardless of the parents’ views… ‘Seemingly [some parents] do not want their children exposed to other faiths and world views, in particular Islam. We are concerned that this is denying those pupils the opportunity to develop the skills they need to live well together as adults,’ he told The Times.” – Donna Rachel Edmunds, “Church of England spokesman: Children should be forced to learn about Islam” – Breitbart, April 28th, 2017.