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Why I believe the races should be separated

Let’s start with some harsh facts. The average Black IQ in the U.S. is estimated by various sources as being somewhere in the mid to upper 80’s as compared to the White average arbitrarily set at 100. In Canada, with its large number of immigrants from the Caribbean, the average Black IQ is likely below 80. Intelligence differentials are the primary cause of the inability of the two races to peacefully live together.

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Obituary Comments – March 23rd, 2020

Fifteen items in total…

“She was a proud Canadian who taught her children the importance of serving the country that welcomed her parents and provided her with many opportunities.”

“…drifted peacefully from life to be re-united with her husband…”

“… loving Grandad to 14 grandchildren and proud GG to 5.5 great-grandchildren.”

“…peacefully at her condo in Florida…”

“Amazingly peaceful, with her family by her side…”

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Anti-Racist Canada – Richard Warman?

On August 12th last year, Global News advised us that “Justice of the Peace Stephanie Goffin-Boyd on Monday ordered Kevin Goudreau, head of the Canadian National Front, to enter into the peace bond, which requires he ‘keeps the peace and is of good behaviour’ and abides by four conditions for 12 months, including not making violent threats online or otherwise towards Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman, and other board members with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network”, and that “In June, Warman asked the Ottawa court to issue a peace bond that would order Goudreau, who resides in Peterborough, Ont., to cease making threats online against him. Warman, who is a board member with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said police had repeatedly declined to lay charges against Goudreau…” (Emphasis added in this and in the following paragraph) (1).

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Random Quotations – October 20th, 2019

Six items in total… today, we look at the Conservative Party and Warren Kinsella’s sleazy attacks on Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada.

“Daisy will create an arm’s-length organization that cannot be linked to the client or any participating organization. This organization will run a proxy war room public relations campaign that allows real Canadians to shine a light on the prejudice and hate that is associated with the PPC” – An unidentified Daisy Group consultant, quoted by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa in “Conservatives paid Warren Kinsella’s firm to discredit Maxime Bernier’s PPC” – The Post Millennial, October 20th, 2019.

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Black Crime – Greater Toronto Area – August 25th, 2019

Eight items in total…

There seems to be no shortage of Black crime in the eastern Greater Toronto Area. Sometimes it is gangs of Black kids threatening White kids to steal their cell-phones and cash, other times it is home-invasions, and armed bank robberies and store robberies. Predatory crimes of this nature were considerably fewer when I got here in 1966, and very often the race of the perpetrators is witheld by the police or the press whenever such crimes are reported…

“Toronto man charged in alleged choking of woman” – here.

“Human trafficking investigation nets five arrests” – here.

“Woman sexually assaulted in downtown condo” – here.

“Teen robbed at gunpoint near Oshawa Centre” – here.

“Armed suspect robs Whitby gas station” – here.

“Man with large knife robs Whitby Circle K store” – here.

“Image of suspect in Oshawa diamond theft released” – here.

“Road rage at Pickering Walmart leads to stabbing: Police” – here.

Max Bernier Debate Petition

The following is a partial copy-and-paste from the most recent People’s Party of Canada email message, spaces removed.

“It’s a farce, really.
I received a letter this week from the Leaders’ Debates Commission saying I did not yet qualify for an invitation.
We have 310 candidates, while the Liberals have only 238 and are scrambling to nominate more.
The NDP has even fewer candidates.
The Greens have barely achieved in 35 years what the PPC did in 10 months.
And yet, they were all invited.
And wait for this.
The Bloc Québécois too!
Their separatist leader will be at the English debate, even though they have no candidates outside Quebec.
In what kind of BIZARRO WORLD do we live?!!
The elites in this country have gone crazy.
I need your help to bring back common sense to Canadian politics.
Please sign our petition asking the Commission to let me participate, and send it to everyone you know.”

You can sign the petition here.

Jeff Goodall.

Maxime Bernier / PPC Press Release

Media Release – Maxime Bernier reacts to the Leaders’ Debates Commission decision – August 12th, 2019.

“The Commission seems to have relied solely on polls, and did not consider the recent political context… The PPC represents a unique perspective, and is the only party that offers distinct policy positions on several topics that are at the heart of political debates, including immigration, climate change, freedom of expression, corporate welfare, foreign aid, supply management, and many other topics. The PPC’s positions are similar to those of a large minority, or even a majority of Canadians, on these issues. Canadians have the right to hear views that differ from those of established parties.” – Maxime Bernier.

You can read the entire press release here.

Note that the Leaders’ Debates Commission is a creature of the Trudeau government – “On October 30, 2018, the Government of Canada announced that it will establish an independent commission to organize leaders’ debates” – see here.

In my opinion, any properly-registered party should be invited to participate.

Jeff Goodall.

Maxime Bernier & the People’s Party of Canada

The following is a copy-and-paste from the latest email subscription update from the PPC, with the spaces removed and asterisks inserted.

  • A nation must be based on a sense of belonging, of participating in a common national project, and sharing the same values. It’s only when these sentiments are widely shared that we can develop the trust and common understanding necessary for our society and institutions to function.
  • In the past, immigrants who came to Canada gradually integrated into our society. They did of course keep some aspects of the culture of their country of origin. They became Canadian, but with a distinct flavour. This is a type of multiculturalism that enriches our society.
  • However, over the past decades, the government of Canada has pursued a policy of official multiculturalism that encourages immigrants to keep the values and culture they left behind instead of integrating into Canadian society and adopting Canadian values and culture.
  • With his cult of diversity, Justin Trudeau has pushed this ideology even further into a form of extreme multiculturalism. He described Canada as the first post-national state, with no core identity.
  • In a free society, immigrants have the right to cherish and maintain their cultural heritage. However, that doesn’t mean we have any obligation to help them preserve it, with government programs and taxpayers’ money. The vast majority of Canadians rightly expect them to learn about our history and culture, master one of our official languages, and adopt widely shared Canadian values.

Jeff Goodall.

Maxime Bernier & the People’s Party of Canada

The following is a copy-and-paste from the latest email subscription update from the PPC, with the spaces removed and asterisks inserted.

  • We will reduce immigration levels, from 350,000 each year under the Liberals, to between 100,000 and 150,000.
  • We will focus on skilled immigrants who bring economic benefits to Canada.
  • We will limit the number of immigrants accepted under the family reunification program, including abolishing the program for parents and grand-parents.
  • We will accept fewer refugees and focus on persecuted minorities.
  • We will declare the whole border an official port of entry and send back to the US anyone trying to enter illegally.
  • We will repeal the Multiculturalism Act and eliminate all funding to promote multiculturalism.
  • We will emphasize the integration of immigrants into Canadian society.
  • We will only accept immigrants who share fundamental Canadian values.
  • We will make birth tourism illegal.
  • We will take Canada out of the UN’s Global Compact for Migration.

Bernier’s entire speech can be read here.

Jeff Goodall.

The Police, Amber Alerts, and Public Dissent

The following letter is already posted on-line, and will be in tomorrow’s Toronto Sun hard-copies.

I sometimes send in letters to the editor just to let off steam, never expecting them to be published. Oh well, if I don’t post anything here for a while (again!) you should be able to write to me at my jail cell…

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