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CUPE Boss Eyes Pension Fund

“The vast power that such control (over the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) will give to the doctrinaire socialists, communists and assorted revolutionaries in the labour movement is absolutely frightening. Labour has never hesitated to use its power to strike as an instrument of economic warfare against our free enterprise system, and now they want the power to influence and distort the investment market, with all the consequences which would flow from that.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Cover Story”: Toronto Free Press, December 14th, 1999.

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“Judicial subversion?”

“Even though Justice Campbell himself found that treaty negotiators did not promise the Indians a tax exemption in 1899, he nevertheless ruled that because the Indians believed that such a promise was made, that the federal government (read taxpayers) must accept responsibility for any misunderstanding.”

Jeff Goodall, ‘Fight Back’: Canada Free Press, August 18, 2003.

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“Terrorist front group?”

“…in my opinion, there is nothing in their activities to contradict the notion that the MCC is a media-hungry pressure group fronting for Muslim terrorists by crying “racism!” whenever Canada tries to protect itself, and its citizens, against infiltration and the threat of terrorist violence.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, September 1st, 2003.

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“Bravo Newfoundland!”

“In a 3-0 ruling seen as a direct challenge to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Newfoundland Court of Appeal warns of potentially widespread unrest arising from ‘undue incursions by the judiciary into the policy domain of the elected branches of government.’…The court said the separation of powers between legislatures and the judiciary was forged ‘in bloodshed,’ a historical reality that has been forgotten as contemporary judges tinker with legislation.”

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, December 16th, 2002.

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“Bambi meets Godzilla”

“The unfortunate Metropolitan Toronto is Bambi in this case, with Mel Lastman and his North York cohorts being Godzilla. Destruction was total, as most of Metro’s key staff and big-numbers men fled in the face of the advancing onslaught. Melzilla then filled all the key positions with his own small-town operators, and the deterioration began… I described many of the woes in the Finance Department in the articles for which I now find myself enjoying early retirement…” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: December 16, 2002.

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“Finance Follies”

“I am now ‘going public’ as I believe that the taxpayers have a right to know how some of the potential gains from amalgamation are being squandered or jeopardized by inattention at best, and outright incompetence at worst. I am afraid of repercussions, but I am quite frankly sick and tired of the incomplete or inefficient direction that we receive, and of the callous and uncaring treatment to which the staff of the Finance Department Accounting Division are being subjected.” 

Jeff Goodall, Cover Story: May 9th to 30th, 2000.

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“Bureaucratic Botch Up”

“…the lack of central leadership and control has enabled staff to make up their own rules, encouraged them to use their more familiar existing systems wherever possible, and the resulting power vacuum has provided fertile ground for squabbling and empire-building. We are competing against each other for control of day-to-day procedures and routines, not working together under a unified command as we should be.”

Jeff Goodall, “Cover Story”: May 5thJune 5th, 2000.

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“Animals at war, a continuation”

Gander picked up a grenade in his mouth and carried it away, being killed instantly when it exploded. It was said of him that “He had seen many grenades explode in the days leading up to that moment. He saw something dangerous, and took it away from his friends.”

Jeff Goodall “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, November 25th, 2002.

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“The never ending struggle”

“…Peter Marcelline, then the immediate past-chairman of the Caribbean Cultural Committee, (Caribana), who in 1994 arranged for Kidd to accompany him at Local 79 expense to a “Solidarity for Cuba” convention, held in Windsor because the Cuban delegates were denied admittance to the U.S.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: October 21st, 2002.

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