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“OPP probes computer fiasco”

“Regular readers may remember that my employment with the city of Toronto came to an abrupt end after Toronto Free Press carried two articles I had written regarding problems and inefficiencies within the Finance Department Accounting Division following amalgamation. The dismissal settlement includes a statement that I was not fired, and I received a generous payoff at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, October 7th, 2002.

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“Oddities of war”

Unfortunately, during the period of the Palestine Mandate, members of the Stern Gang and the Irgun Zwei, who had received military training from the British, showed the same eagerness to kill their former friends and benefactors as they had demonstrated in killing the Germans who had persecuted them.”

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, June 9th, 2003.

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“The great pretender”

To my mind, Jeff Rose is a predatory opportunist who has always sucked everything he can get out of every place he has ever been. He is an arrogant, me-first elitist who wouldn’t know “working class” from a hole in the ground, and he is not a “trade unionist” in any meaningful sense of the word.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, January 6th, 2003.

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“Intangible assets”

So Jeff, even after 20 years of honest work at Toronto City Hall, there is no such thing as security. As for me, there is the comfort of knowing that for 10 years I had to answer to nobody but myself. The wolf is still panting at the door and there are no condos in Florida to which to run and relax.

The main difference is that even so, I’m still here.”

Judi McLeod, Editor’s Desk: Canada Free Press, August 8 – 29th, 2000.

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“The no-fault quagmire”

…the much-reduced involvement of judges in most cases means that judicial oversight is lacking, making it easier for fraud artists to rip-off the system. The costs of these rip-offs are then passed along in the form of higher premiums. And, as auto insurance has been compulsory since 1980, insurance companies have a vast and ever-expanding captive market.”

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, September 29th, 2003.

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“The onslaught of tyranny”

I have had the experience of being interviewed for UIC job training assistance, and having to fill out a form to claim any entitlement to preferential treatment. If one cannot “self-identify” as a member of any of the approved groups, then one has by default “self-identified” as being of European origin, and thus a valid target for discrimination and second-rate service.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, August 4th, 2003.

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“Too much Pavlov”

Indeed, says Judi, “…my lectures to Jeff Goodall are unlikely to change anything now that he’s gone over to the other side.” She then praises David Horowitz of, and approvingly reprints his juvenile ranting about “Palestinians and Arabs who kill their own children by strapping bombs to them and letting them blow up other children–Jew children– so that they will go to heaven and their families will receive a $25,000 award.”

Jeff Goodall, ‘Fight Back’: Canada Free Press, March 3rd, 2003.

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