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Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – December 18th, 2016

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Eight items in total…

Egypt: Christians denied churches while Government builds mosques…

Spain: Upset over “nativity scene depicting Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus painted on ceramic dildos

U.S.A: Teachers asked to “refrain” from Santa decorations – “we ask that you be respectful and sensitive to the diverse perspectives and beliefs of our community and refrain from using religious-themed decorations or images like Santa Claus”


Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – November 19th, 2016

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Five items in total…

Serbia: Pristina mayor allows Christian chapel to be used as a toilet and garbage dump

Italy: African arrested after he “went on a rampage” through four Roman churches, demolishing statues and knocking over candlesticks and reliquaries

General: “Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community’s mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war”


Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – September 18, 2016

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Six items in total…

Church of Sweden: Official government-endorsed religious body says that wearing a cross necklace is “un-Christian” and that God believes in immigration and open-borders

U.S.A: Muslims are 98.2%of “refugees” allowed in by Obama; Christians are only 0.5%

Pakistan: Christian father killed by Muslims for trying to rescue 14-year-old daughter from forced Islamic marriage

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – August 9th, 2016

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Seven items in total…

China: Authorities demand churches handover “all of their money” – order intended to “mold Christianity into an institution that reflects the objectives of the Communist Party

Canada: Students for Life group sues the Brandon University Students’ Union after its club status was revoked – some 40 pro-life clubs at Canadian universities are experiencing “free speech” difficulties

Turkey: All Christian churches in city of Diyarbakir seized and declared to be “state property” – “What’s happening in southern Turkey is all too typical in the Middle East today, as ancient Christian communities are displaced and persecuted by sectarian violence”


Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – July 13th, 2016

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

All emphasis added by me – nine items in total…

U.S.A: Fort Riley prayer breakfast called off – “Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein sent multiple emails… on behalf of his advocacy group…”

Canada: Court wrong to reject Trinity Western University program accreditation – “The Ontario Court of Appeal has launched an aggressive assault on the Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, expression and association of all Canadians”

U.S.A: A multi-state abortion provider boasting a high-end ‘spa-like’ experience is attempting to de-stigmatize the procedure through a crowd-funded ad campaign in Atlanta – one ad said “Abortion? Yeah, we do that


“I got the flyer. Going to clear out my neighbours’ mailboxes”

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

“A Toronto woman took it upon herself to censor a pro-life education effort from her neighbors this week… CBC News reports Liz Phillips removed pro-life fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes after she discovered one in her own. According to police, Phillips’ actions are not illegal because the fliers were not addressed or processed by the post office… The pro-abortion woman said she went around her Roncesvalles neighborhood on Wednesday and removed all the fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes. She replaced them with her own flier, explaining that she had the pro-life literature at her home for anyone who wanted to see them, according to the report.” (Emphasis added) – “Pro-abortion woman steals pro-life fliers from neighbors Mailboxes” (1).


Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – April 22nd, 2016

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Indonesia: Persecution of Christians increases, police do nothing as Muslim groups force closure of churches

Nigeria: Thousands of Christians killed and churches destroyed as Barack Obama looks the other way

Yemen: Catholic Priest crucified on Good Friday after nuns shot dead

Egypt: Coptic Solidarity calls for the U.S. to join Egypt, Syria, Russian, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, and declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

Turkey: Enormous mosque opens in the U.S. funded by the Turkish government while some churches in Turkey have been converted to stables or used as storehouses, and others have been completely destroyed

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – March 22nd, 2016

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Four items in total…

U.S.A: Genocide of Christians in the Middle East? – John Kerry is having an “additional evaluation” done to “help him determine” whether the “systematic murder of Christians” should be declared “genocide”…

Indonesia: The Council of Clerics has repeatedly declared Valentine’s Day as “an observance stemming from another faith” and celebrating it would be the same as promoting faiths other than Islam…


Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – February 6th, 2016

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

U.S: Foul, vicious attack on Donald Trump & Christianity…

Christmas results in Muslim attacks on Christianity and its symbols throughout the world

U.S: Maryland High School punishes Christian student for refusing to profess her faith in ISLAM – threatens to arrest her father for complaining

Iraq: ISIS demolishes 1,400-year-old Christian monastery

U.S: The “Little Sisters of the Poor” challenge the Federal government’s right to require them to act against their conscience regarding abortion, sterilization and contraception

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – January 15th, 2016

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Six items in total…

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur university organises an “anti-Christianization” conference – “There is nothing new about the practice of such institutions in training students to fear themselves and non-Muslims and non-Malays especially. It is a natural program to instill fear as part of a culture to defend the existence of race-based ideology” (emphasis added)

U.K: “It’s not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers, teaching, the whole ethos…”