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Random Quotations – Israel – February 2nd, 2021

Five items in total…

“Pollard is the most damaging spy in American history, having stolen the keys to accessing U.S. communications and information gathering systems. He was an unlikely candidate to become a U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, and one review board determined that he had been hired in the first place under pressure from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). A month after Pollard’s arrest in 1985, C.I.A director William Casey stated: “The Israelis used Pollard to obtain our war plans against the USSR – all of it: the co-ordinates, the firing locations, the sequences, and Israel sold that information to Moscow for more exit visas for Soviet Jews.” – Philip Giraldi, “A New Year’s wish” – Unz Review, January 5th, 2021.

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Is Israel’s foreign ministry involved in UOIT/Hasbara clash?

“(This is) ‘outright, explicit, unapologetic discrimination… this is an issue of freedom of expression… social justice means banning any group they disagree with” – Hasbara Fellowship Canada director Robert Walker.

“(The student union’s goal is to) work towards an environment free (of) systematic societal oppression and decolonization… This is not about the Jewish ethnicity being discriminated against, it’s about violating international law and colonizing Indigenous peoples” – UOIT Student Association president Jesse Cullen.

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Did Passport Canada really give Israeli spy a new identity?

“Passport Canada secretly supplied a new identity and passport to a Mossad agent living in Canada after the Israeli spy participated in the 2010 plot to kill a leader of terrorist group Hamas in a Dubai hotel, a Montreal businessman has alleged – (saying) – the girl who was in charge of that file at Passport Canada, with whom I had a relationship, she told me about it.”

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“Mossad” threat to critics of Israel?

“European financial institutions are providing a useful barometer of the mood among the 28 EU member states. They have become the unexpected pioneers of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement… Pressure on these various fronts may explain Netanyahu’s hasty convening last weekend of his senior ministers to devise a strategy to counter the boycott trend. Proposals include a $28 million media campaign, legal action against boycotting institutions, and intensified surveillance of overseas activists by the Mossad.” (Emphasis added – JG.)

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ADL labels opponent an “anti-Semite” & “conspiracy theorist”

“The ADL labels me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for documenting the wall-to-wall support of the organized Jewish community for a U.S. military strike on Syria… the organized Jewish community was doing exactly what I said they were doing – lobbying for a military strike in Washington… The Lobby is seething right now – furious not only that missiles haven’t been launched at Syria, but that peace may be breaking out with Iran.” – Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

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“Sayanim” and dual-citizens steal U.S. secrets for Israel

“There are thousands of sayanim around the world… You have at your disposal a non-risk recruitment system that actually gives you a pool of millions of Jewish people to tap from outside your own borders… Katsas in the stations are in charge of the sayanim, and most active sayanim will be visited by a katsa once every three months or so, which for the katsa usually means between two and four face-to-face meetings a day with sayanim, along with numerous telephone conversations.” – Victor Ostrovsky, “By Way of Deception”.

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“Israel’s fraying image” as seen by a retired U.S. diplomat

“The United States has assumed the role of protecting power for Israel, which depends heavily on the ability of American Jews to mobilize subsidies, diplomatic and legal protection, weapons transfers, and other forms of material support in Washington.  This task is made easier by the sympathy for Zionism of a large but silent and mostly passive evangelical Christian minority as well as lingering American admiration for Israelis as the pioneers of a vibrant new society in the Holy Land.  It is noteworthy, however, that those actually lobbying for Israel are almost without exception Jewish… (continued below)

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The Zygier case: Mossad screwed up big-time

In their op-ed “Zygier Case Revealed: In Failing To Penetrate Iran And Hezbollah, He Exposed Israeli Spies In Lebanon” written by Richard Silverstein and posted yesterday, “eurasiareview” tells us that the recruiting of Australian dual-citizen Ben Zygier resulted in serious security lapses that resulted in damage to the Mossad, particularly in Lebanon.

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