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Coronovirus: The end of the world as we know it?

My thoughts – I read several decades ago that the Israelis had been working on a virus that would kill Palestinians, but not affect Israelis. They had to abandon the project because they are too closely related biologically.

I have a horrible feeling that the Americans have released what they may consider to be an “economic-level” virus, “a bio-weapon attack capable of causing immense economic damage but protected by plausible deniability”, that could result in a devastating biological response by the Chinese,

Dear God, what horrible times we live in…

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Glen Allen versus Southern Poverty Law Center

Below is a full copy-and-paste of an email I just received from Mr. Allen. I believe it is important to make at least a modest donation, to help with his costs in defending himself against what he believes to be an unjustified smear by the notoriously anti-White SPLC.

You can donate here:

glen allen <>

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“Refugees” turn Toronto hotel into third-world pig-pen

Here are some reviews of the Radisson Hotel Toronto East, “TripAdvisor” webpage, link below.

Be careful. This place is dangerous
I cannot even believe the nightmare that is the Radisson Hotel Toronto East. In Toronto I typically stay at the Westin but this was a quick trip. Don’t make that mistake. There are uncivilized refugees everywhere; in the lobby, in the pool, and it looks like they are also in the ladies room at lobby level. It’s like this is a 9/11 training camp. There are suspicious people lurking around every corner and if I was not a Marine I’d feel threatened. No female should stay there. I never thought I would go into a hotel thinking I might need to defend myself, but that is exactly what I thought once walking into the lobby. The place stinks. Literally. There are kids grabbing at your watch and your back pocket (I grew up in NYC, my wallet is always in my front pocket). The noise is immeasurable and does not stop when it is time to sleep. The entire place is hot even though the outside is relatively cool. The a/c simply does not work. Not that it matters, it seems the refugee guests forgot there are showers in their rooms and the smell is nauseating. Thank goodness this was a one-and-done night.
Just don’t do it.

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Comedy Central’s foul-mouthed Jake Weisman and Christianity

Several items – bigotry, vulgarity, and foul language alert.

“(Comedy Central executive Jake Weisman’s) incendiary comment was in response to a news release I wrote about the February 14th episode of ‘Corporate’… A woman dressed like a nun was shown seductively sucking a cross-shaped popsicle. She remarked, ‘My favorite flavor – the blood of Christ.’ It doesn’t get much dirtier than this… While Hollywood was not always a bastion of anti-Catholicism, in the past half-century it has certainly evolved into one. Let’s be honest: If  Jews were portrayed the way Hollywood portrays Catholics, it would be labeled the premier anti-Semitic industry in America.” (Emphasis added) – Bill Donohue, “Comedy Central exec threatens church” – Catholic League, Feb. 16th, 2018.

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“Charlottesville” Report Blasts Council, Black Police Chief

“The law firm of Hunton & Williams has just issued an independent, 207-page report on the Unite the Right protest that took place in Charlottesville last August. The city of Charlottesville commissioned and paid for the report, but it is no cover up. It is a slashing indictment of the way the city prepared for and handled the demonstrations. It is a thorough vindication of the perspective of the Unite the Right demonstrators.” (Emphasis added)- American Renaissance (1).

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Random Quotations – Nov. 9th, 2017

American issues – five items in total…

“In the case of Weinstein, Black Cube employees impersonated journalists and a feminist activist in an attempt to insinuate themselves among his alleged victims and the reporters covering their stories in order to stifle articles, according to a report this week in the New Yorker magazine… Weinstein’s alleged victims are not the first Americans subjected to the sort of tactics employed by Black Cube.” – Noga Tarnopolsky, “For Black Cube, a network of for-hire ex-Israeli spies, information is big money” – Los Angeles Times, Nov. 8th, 2017.

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Leftist Exploitation Of The Las Vegas Tragedy

Various comments regarding Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas tragedy – five items in total…

“CBS has fired a corporate lawyer who said on social media about the Las Vegas mass shooting that she wasn’t sympathetic because ‘country music fans often are Republican gun-toters’… The network said Monday that Hayley Geftman-Gold had violated the company’s standards by expressing deeply unacceptable views.” – Assoc. Press, “CBS corporate lawyer Hayley Geftman-Gold fired over Vegas Facebook comment” – Oct. 2nd, 2017.

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Politically Correct Intolerance & Antifa Violence On Campus

“No Campus for White Men shines a bright light on the growing obsession with diversity, victimization and identity politics on today’s college campuses, and shows how it is creating an intensely hostile and fearful atmosphere that can only lead, ultimately, to ever greater polarization in American society… Across the country, ugly campus protests over speakers with dissenting viewpoints, as well as a preoccupation with micro-aggressions, ‘trigger warnings,’ ‘safe spaces,’ and brand-new ‘gender identities,’ make it obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with higher education. For years, colleges have pursued policies favoring students based not on their merit, but on their race, gender, and sexual orientation. The disturbingly negative effects of this culture are now impossible to deny.”

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