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CUPE Local 79 actually polls members’ views on something!

Yesterday, an article by Don Peat appearing in The Toronto Sun told us that the City of Toronto’s unionized workers are opposed to the idea of a casino in Toronto.

I’m not massively enthused myself either, but the interesting part of the story is where we are told that “Local 79 president Tim Maguire said the decision to oppose a casino was based on an internal poll of his members.”

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Canada, Israel, unions, and the Lobby…

“We want to pressure the Israeli government to respect international law in order to create a lasting and just peace… This position reflects the democratic will of CUPW’s membership and the union remains committed to it” – Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“They’re taking membership dues and frittering it away on things that are so destructive” – Shimon Fogel of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

“I continue to be astonished by the extent to which ideas which should be on the ‘loony tunes’ margins of politics have now been adopted by a union which represents thousands of its members” – Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae.

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“What about the workers!” – Union dues and politics

“(Bill C-377) will shine a light on the over $4 billion that unions collect annually in forced contributions from workers… unions cannot simultaneously benefit from the public trust through forced contributions from workers that are protected in law and generous tax breaks worth over $400 million annually, while also arguing that they have no public disclosure obligations.” – Terrance Oakey, Huffington Post article.

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