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Scotland votes on Thursday…

I am greatly concerned at the possibility of serious civil unrest and disturbances if the “yes” vote succeeds, particularly in England where the Scots have a reputation for being aloof and considering themselves superior to the English (*).  They want all the benefits of the Union, but have their own Scottish clubs and don’t mix much with their benefactors. It might not be a good idea to be English living in Scotland either, but the numbers are far less.

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Scottish Nationalism – Sept. 10th, 2014

As shown by the first two items below, England seems eager for its own version of Quebec’s shameless blackmailing of Canada. Tell the Scots to leave or shut up, no special treatment.

U.K. leaders head north “with an emotional appeal for Scots to stay in the Union and a promise of more, substantive Holyrood powers”

Gordon Brown says a no vote “equals more powers for Holyrood

Bank of England Governor says “a currency union is incompatible with sovereignty”

Now this is getting stupid

Really, really stupid…

Scottish Nationalism – Feb. 14th, 2014

Currency issues now coming to a head…

Chancellor: Sharing the pound with Scotland is “not going to happen”

UK government will not allow an independent Scotland to use the pound

Treasury analysis paper details financial risks to “being asked to support the wider economy of another state”

SNP under pressure to “set out an alternative” to a formal currency union

Early splits on “alternate” currency plan…

Scottish Nationalism – Feb. 10th, 2014

One third of Scots unaware of White Paper, only one in seven has read it…

“Love-bombing”?  Things could get very tacky indeed…

Keeping the pound – “Having this degree of uncertainty over this most important issue – I don’t think it’s helping people.”

Should Scotland “pool” sovereignty to keep the pound?

Energy boss warns of “uncertainties” that will be created by independence