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Obama “dithers” as South China Sea becomes a “Chinese Lake”

“That’s a potential problem since more than $5 trillion annually – or 30 percent – of global seaborne commerce now travels through the South China Sea; $1 trillion of that is American… Having waited years to address the issue, and possibly continuing to wait – as this White House does on so many foreign policy matters – doesn’t make it any easier. Indeed this waiting game has made it much more difficult and more dangerous.” – Dr. Peter Brookes, Family Security Matters.

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Chinese “reclamation” efforts killing coral reefs, sea life

“Dredgers sweep back and forth, creating clam shell patterns in the sand that are clearly visible by satellite. In the process, they destroy whatever lives there, including reef-building organisms, turtles and giant clams, while sending up plumes of corrosive sand and sediment that settle on surrounding reefs, killing them…” – Leading marine biologist Professor John McManus, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, University of Miami.

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Military & Intelligence News – July 23rd, 2015

South China Sea developments…

Philippines moving fighter jets to Subic Bay, says war with China “possible”

China accelerates reef “reclamation

China building network of naval facilities and bases in the Indian Ocean

Chinese state-owned oil rig moved back into Vietnam’s “exclusive economic zone” plus other background information

China remains Japan’s leading national security concern according to White Paper on defence

Military & Intelligence News – May 13th, 2015

China’s “artificial island” strategy likely to force South China Sea issues…

China intends to expand its naval-basing activities by building giant floating islands

China is building a “great wall of sand” to “anchor” territorial claims

U.S. military is considering using aircraft and warships to directly contest Chinese territorial claims using a chain of rapidly expanding “artificial islands”…

Further background: China now building massive artificial islands for both civilian and military purposes – see here and here.

Japan’s new “collective self -defence” re-interpretation of its Constitution allows greater co-operation with U.S.

Military News – Nov. 7th, 2014

Six items in total, relating to China’s increasing aggressiveness…

China is asserting its territorial and geopolitical ambitions as U.S. decreases military spending

If China gains the disputed territories it may prevent U.S. access to most of the South China Sea

China escalating South China Sea disputes by large-scale land reclamation works

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Military News – Jan. 15th, 2014

China, America, and the South China Sea…

Japan holds military drill as South China Sea islands dispute widens

China threatens war (again) – having contingency plans is normal, revealing them is not

China’s new high-speed missile intended to get nuclear warheads through U.S. defences

China’s first aircraft carrier successfully completes sea trials

Increasing signs that the United States and China are on a collision course

China flexes its muscles

In its “Comment” article “Trespassers will be Prosecuted: China’s latest Billboard in the South China Sea”, India’s Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses tells us that the Hainan Peoples Congress has passed maritime regulations giving it the right to “board, inspect, seize, deport, or force ships to alter course out of areas within China’s claimed territorial waters.”

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The South China Sea: A perspective from India

“This perceptible shift in international posturing probably received its impetus from China’s rapidly growing military capabilities and an increasing sense of having ‘arrived’ at the international geo-strategic scenario… China claims about 80% of the South China Sea as its own, a claim that is strongly contested by countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan…”

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