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Caledonia Patriot Randy Fleming Needs Our Help

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

“Almost nine years ago, he dared to walk along Argyle Street in the town of Caledonia, Ont., carrying a Canadian flag on a pole towards a peaceful so-called ‘flag rally’… For this impudence, he was wrestled to the ground by a half-dozen Ontario Provincial Police officers, permanently injured and charged with obstructing police… After 12 court appearances, the Crown abruptly withdrew the criminal charge.” – Christie Blatchford, National Post (1).


Comedy Central’s foul-mouthed Jake Weisman and Christianity

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Several items – bigotry, vulgarity, and foul language alert.

“(Comedy Central executive Jake Weisman’s) incendiary comment was in response to a news release I wrote about the February 14th episode of ‘Corporate’… A woman dressed like a nun was shown seductively sucking a cross-shaped popsicle. She remarked, ‘My favorite flavor – the blood of Christ.’ It doesn’t get much dirtier than this… While Hollywood was not always a bastion of anti-Catholicism, in the past half-century it has certainly evolved into one. Let’s be honest: If  Jews were portrayed the way Hollywood portrays Catholics, it would be labeled the premier anti-Semitic industry in America.” (Emphasis added) – Bill Donohue, “Comedy Central exec threatens church” – Catholic League, Feb. 16th, 2018.


Petition launched against the Gerald Stanley “GoFundMe” page

Monday, February 19th, 2018

It was inevitable, I suppose. Self-righteous, “entitled” anti-White racists (self-hating and otherwise) are now demanding that the GoFundMe page raising money to offset Gerald Stanley’s legal costs and other losses be “removed” and the money either refunded or re-directed to “hate crime” education…


Random Quotations – Free Speech – Feb. 9th, 2018

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Four items in total…

“Anyone who believes in liberty under law should be very worried at the spread of this so-called ‘International Definition of Antisemitism,’ which is clearly aimed at crushing free speech. In essence, the definition states that if Jews don’t like an opinion, it should be illegal to express it… truth will be no defence for anyone…” – Tobias Langdon, “Trashing the Torah: Justice, freedom and Israel’s assault on Jewish values” – Occidental Observer, Feb. 1st, 2018.


Random Quotations – Free Speech – Jan. 28th, 2018

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Four items in total…

“In fact, with the London alone boasting over 900 police officers ‘dedicated to investigating hate crime’ – one of Khan’s top priorities as mayor – it seems likely that the annual fall could be more than adequately compensated by redeploying existing resources… Evidence suggests that pressure from Khan and politically correct police chiefs is leading to significant resources being redirected towards offences most members of the public would not consider priorities in a time of rising violent crime.” – Jack Montgomery, “While Khan blames crime wave on cuts, fall in police numbers could be plugged by redeploying ‘hate crime’ officers” – Breitbart, Jan. 26th, 2018.


Random Quotations – Free Speech – Dec. 24th, 2017

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Six items in total…

“…we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that legislators have actually demanded this of the universities… And so, the person who is actually to blame for what happened at Wilfrid Laurier is Kathleen Wynne because she put forward the legislation that made the gendered and sexual violence office at Wilfrid Laurier a mandated, legislated necessity… What we saw in Wilfrid Laurier was actually a manifestation of the legislation and not a misinterpretation of it…” – Jordan Peterson, quoted by Antonella Artuso in “Pronouns professor Jordan Peterson on the Lindsay Shepherd affair” – Toronto Sun, Dec. 24th, 2017.


“Charlottesville” Report Blasts Council, Black Police Chief

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

“The law firm of Hunton & Williams has just issued an independent, 207-page report on the Unite the Right protest that took place in Charlottesville last August. The city of Charlottesville commissioned and paid for the report, but it is no cover up. It is a slashing indictment of the way the city prepared for and handled the demonstrations. It is a thorough vindication of the perspective of the Unite the Right demonstrators.” (Emphasis added)- American Renaissance (1).


Random Quotations – Free Speech – Dec. 3rd, 2017

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Five items in total…

“(Lakehead University law professor Ryan) Alford said the Law Society has not ‘engaged in an open and transparent consultative process with licensees on the issue’ of the statement of principles… ‘The intention of the statement of principles requirement and the supposed underlying obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion is, therefore, to compel the expression of, the adherence to, and the belief in certain values… Compelled expression is alien to Canada’s political traditions and the traditions of all free states,’ he argues in his notice of application.” – Jacques Gallant, “Part of Law Society’s plan to address racism being challenged in court” – Toronto Star, Nov. 7th, 2017.


Bomb Threat A “False-Flag”, But Blame The Right Anyway!

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

On March 2nd of this year, an article was posted to the McGill Daily website which states at the top of its home page that “The McGill Daily is located on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory” just to make the guilt issues clear.  The article is headed “Bomb threat targets Muslim students at Concordia”, with the sub-heading “White supremacist group promises to spread [their] fight to McGill too”. Written by Ryan Canon, and with the ominous caution “Content warning: violence, white supremacy, Islamophobia”, the article begins by telling us that “Early on Wednesday March 1, several media outlets in Montreal received a bomb threat claiming to be from the ‘Council of Concerned Citizens of Canada,’ a white supremacist organization also known as C4.”


Who Is Doing This To Us And Why?

Friday, October 20th, 2017

“The displacement of Whites is advertised in high-flown rhetoric about universal peace and brotherhood, but fundamentally it is motivated by revenge, hatred, and the desire to dominate and dispossess. The implications are obvious: for Whites to become a minority in a society with a strong Jewish presence among the elite and surrounded by hostile minorities motivated by leftist, anti-White identity politics would be a cataclysmic disaster for our people. We must do everything we can to avoid this.” – Kevin MacDonald, “Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and domination as Jewish motives.” – Occidental Observer, Oct. 20th, 2017.

An excellent article, read it in its entirety here.

Jeff Goodall.