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Australia Considering Values Tests, Multi-Culturalists Freak

“The Australian community expects that aspiring citizens demonstrate their allegiance to our country and commitment to live in accordance with Australian laws and values and be willing to integrate into and become contributing members of the Australian community” – Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton.

“Kim Rubenstein, a professor in the College of Law and a Public Policy Fellow at the Australian National University, said aspects of the bill were draconian and exclusive, shifting the balance of citizenship in Australia and giving the government unprecedented power.”

“Activist group GetUp! said the law would create an underclass of migrants prevented from attaining citizenship and from equality with the rest of society.”

That pretty-much wraps it up – read the full article “Values test proposed in Australia: Immigrants expected to pledge allegiance to Aussie laws and values” – Toronto Sun, June 15th, 2017 – here.

Jeff Goodall

Former Aussie PM interview upsets Jewish Affairs Council

“Israel years ago, during one of the wars, killed 30 or 40 Americans on a spy ship in the Western Mediterranean,” Fraser told Faine… Asked by Faine if he agreed that “the pro-Israel and in particular Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power”, Fraser responded, “They certainly do.”

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Family Security Matters – Appeal for support

I have been receiving Family Security Matters email updates for several years now, and they are a useful part of the way in which I stay up-to-date on matters of importance to those concerned with the deconstruction of Western Civilization, particularly through attacks on the family unit.

Although their material is concerned primarily with American problems, the parallels with Britain, Canada and Australasia are helpful and enlightening.  Their email updates are free.

I highly recommend sending them a donation, see the links below.

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Australia cracks down: “People smugglers should be afraid”

“Tony Abbott is sworn in as Australia’s 28th prime minister this morning and has pledged to enforce Operation Sovereign Borders to combat people smuggling and the influx of ‘boat people’ arriving on Australia’s shores…  The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has also been changed to Department of Immigration and Border Protection to usher in the new era. Along with this, the Abbott government will stop granting permanent protection visas to undocumented boat arrivals and will reintroduce the processing of temporary protection visas which will deny permanent residency in Australia.”  (Emphasis added -JG.)

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“Hasbara” runs amok with Australian-Israeli stamp issue

“In May, Australia Post and Israel Post collaboratively issued two stamps commemorating the Australian Light Horse and the WWI Battle of Beersheba in Palestine…  ANZAC heroic courage and endurance warrants commemoration but the issue of the stamps entailed a cynical rewriting of Australian war history that deflects ANZAC honour to deodorise Israel’s stinking reputation around the world…”

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The London Declaration on Anti-Semitism

“To their credit two Australian Green MPs, John Kaye and David Shoebridge, have publicly refused to sign the declaration, saying that the document, “wrongly conflates valid criticism of the state of Israel with anti-Semitism” and is “an unacceptable slander on those of us who speak up for the rights of the Palestinians. Criticism of the state of Israel… that is motivated by concern for a people dispossessed of their land, the consequences of a state that is founded on a religion or ethnicity or the actions of a government that ignores UN resolutions, is a valid contribution to public discourse.”

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Australian dual-citizen Mossad agent died in Israeli jail

“Israeli-Australian Zygier was known only as “Prisoner X” until a week ago when Australia’s ABC television identified him and claimed that he worked as a spy… The same channel said that Zygier had met members of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Asio) – Australia’s secret service – during four trips home, and that he disclosed comprehensive details about his missions within the Mossad.”

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New Zealand furor over MP’s “Wogistan” comment

In their story “NZ First MP: Ban Muslims from flights” yesterday, the New Zealand Herald tells us that New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser is unrepentant after expressing the opinion that young Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to travel on Western airlines because “most terrorists are Muslims”.  Prosser also said that he was not prepared to idly stand by while his daughter’s rights and freedoms “are denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan.”

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Australia to abstain on UN Palestine vote

“In a direct rebuff of her leadership, Ms Gillard was opposed by all but two of her cabinet ministers – Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy, both of the Victorian Right – during a heated meeting on Monday night… The Right faction (of the ruling Labour Party -JG), which would usually support Ms Gillard, backed an abstention, in part due to the views of its members that the government was too pro-Israel…”

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