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New Zealand: Israel has ‘form’ for stealing passports from allies

“The style of the operation, two couples, is standard Mossad operation style. The reason they have a man and a woman … it’s easy to pass unnoticed, unchallenged, and the woman acts as back-up you see.”

“As we speak now there are urgent inquiries going on around Europe whether the passports were French, Irish or even UK. Now those were the nationalities, passports that were used in the Dubai scandal which erupted last year and caused all hell to break out for Mossad.”

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New Zealand – John Key’s Jewish/Internationalist background

Coming through loud and clear in the current controversy over accusations of Mossad activity in New Zealand is what I see as a ‘disconnect’ between the actions and suspicions of the New Zealand police and SIS security agency, who feared that Israeli spies had used last February’s massive earthquake as ‘cover’ to try to compromise New Zealand’s computerized police records, and Prime Minister John Key’s repeated denials of any wrongdoing.

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More Mossad spying in New Zealand: Zaka team used?

“Three Israelis were among the 181 people who died when the earthquake destroyed most of Christchurch’s central business district on February 22. One was found to be carrying at least five passports.”

“An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the sealed-off ‘red zone’ of the central city.”

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The Australian flooding tragedy

Unfortunately, the Australians are learning about storms and flooding in a dramatic manner.

They would do well to study the implications of Southern Ontario’s Hurricane Hazel in 1954. Toronto was hard-hit, with 81 dead including more than thirty on just one street alone.

Following that, regional Conservation Authorities were created, and all properties lying on flood plains were expropriated by them with suitable areas being turned into parks.

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