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Another Chinese-born mayoral hopeful, this time in Vancouver

“Hong Kong emigrant Meena Wong has launched a bid to become the first Chinese mayor of Vancouver, one of the world’s most Chinese cities outside Asia… Wong… was born in Beijing but moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s at the age of 11. Eight years later, she moved to Vancouver as a student, then to Toronto where she became an assistant to Hong Kong emigrant Olivia Chow, who is running for the mayoralty of Toronto…” – South China Morning Post (SCMP) Sept. 8th, 2014.

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Is Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow a “racist”?

“Asked by a reader about how she would be different than former mayor David Miller, Chow answered ‘I’m not white. Not male. Want to start there?’… Chow made headlines for appealing to a specific demographic last week after urging citizens of Toronto living in Hong Kong to end the ‘embarrassment’ of Rob Ford’s tenure by voting for her in the forthcoming mayoral election. Chow moved from Hong Kong to Canada with her family when she was 13 years old.” – Huffington post, April 2014, (emphasis added). (1).

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Using welfare and public sector jobs to buy elections

“…increasing taxes and spending the proceeds to buy votes, creates a ‘client dependency’ whereby the recipients of this largesse will consistently vote in such a manner as to continue receiving it… Perhaps most damaging of all, society ends up with substantial numbers of ‘dependents’ who are unable to fend for themselves, who resist having to work for a living, and who have developed an unnatural and thoroughly unrealistic sense of entitlement.”

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“Chairman Chow” backlash against Hong Kong votes

“Supporters of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have lashed out at his Hong Kong-born challenger Olivia Chow, branding her a traitor and ‘Chairman Chow’ after she urged Torontonians living in the SAR to help unseat him… Non-resident Canadian citizens generally retain the right to vote, so long as they have lived overseas for less than five consecutive years and intend to return to live in Canada. By voting, overseas Canadian citizens do not lose non-resident status.” – South China Morning Post.

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100,000 “citizens” in Hong Kong to vote for Toronto Mayor?

“The former MP for the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) said Canadian citizens in Hong Kong who were eligible to vote in October’s municipal elections had the chance to restore pride to Toronto… Since a large majority of Hong Kong emigrants settle in either Toronto or Vancouver, a conservative estimate of the number of Torontonians in Hong Kong would reach more than 100,000.” – South China Morning Post.

“Toronto is your city too. You may want to come back to retire or invest … You want to be proud of your city” – Olivia Chow.

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“Political correctness” is a form of mental illness…

My first exposure to the term “politically correct” came twenty or more years ago while I was having a conversation with the then-President of CUPE Local 79.  At some point, she said something to the effect of “Oh Jeffrey, that’s not politically correct!”

I pondered that for a moment or two, and then announced “I will decide what is politically correct!”

And that has been my attitude towards such nonsense ever since.

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Dr. Roland Wong, and the Cloward-Piven strategy in action

“…people running the programs are too often so caught up in the righteousness of their actions, they fail to root out waste and abuse that cripples the system and burns up money… Dr. (Roland)  Wong filled out the forms for virtually anyone on welfare who came to him because in his opinion, the government doesn’t do enough to help poor people… how it is possible for one doctor in one clinic to fill out thousands of special diet forms for four years – at one point designating each of 10 people in one family as all needing the dietary supplement – before any action is taken?”

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Liberals eager to exploit ice-storm and low-IQ voters

“The pioneers who built this country out of a cold, inhospitable wilderness, must be spinning in their graves…”

The following is the text of a letter I sent to my local newspaper yesterday, after reading that some people in Durham Region are upset that unlike people in Toronto who suffered losses, they are not getting free vouchers to help replace food which was lost during the power outage.

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Manufactured “victimization” as a political vehicle

“An identity built around victimhood needs constant fresh injections of oppression to sustain its existence… And the same holds true for other oppressed minorities who define themselves not by their values; but by their resentments… Intolerance has become identity.” (Emphasis added -JG).

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