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“Think Tank Of One” Appeal For Donations

The following is the text of an e-mail I received yesterday:

“After a dozen years in the Canadian Army, and 30 years in the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies and the Mackenzie Institute, I now find myself without a suitable vehicle for my talents and perspectives. I am a superb writer, speaker and lecturer; an expert in several fields of knowledge; and possessed of the ability to rapidly synthesize new information. In an era where information flows so quickly, good-quality analysis and practical perspective is often lacking… that’s where I’m needed.

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We are living in dangerous times! Be sure you stay informed

It is easy to state the obvious, that the “mainstream media” is controlled by people who wish to use newspapers, and radio and television stations, to feed us pablum and keep us in the dark regarding the preparations for our destruction being made by the people-planners and the anti-White, self-hating would-be destroyers of Western Christian Civilisation.

What is not so easy is finding fast and easy ways to keep on top of what is being done to us, and to the rest of the world, and how and by whom.

Here is a list of email subscriptions you can sign up for in order to have genuine news of real importance delivered to you on a regular basis.

I subscribe to all of these.

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The Occidental Observer’s annual year-end fundraiser!

“…your support is critical to our success and our ability to fulfill our unique niche of providing fact-based, well-written articles on White identity, and White interests.

“We also present honest discussions of the critical importance of Jewish influence in the decline of the West and for the disastrous instability in the Middle East – the latter component more or less missing from many sites that emphasize White identity and interests.”

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The Occidental Observer’s annual appeal for donations

I have been an e-mail subscriber to their well thought-out and insightful commentaries for several years now. Their work is excellent, and they only appeal for funds once a year. I highly recommend them, and will be donating whatever I can.

You can visit their website here, read their appeal here, and donate here.


Jeff Goodall.

Useful e-mail subscriptions / newsletters

To receive interesting and useful background information on world news, particularly from the less-controlled foreign press, sign up for any one or more of the “collectors” and news outlets listed below.

Some of the information they carry is contradictory to my positions, and I have to separate the wheat from the chaff.  But, there are some absolute gems to be found.

They mail once a day at most, and the contents are listed by title so you can pick out what you want.

Highly recommended!

Jeff Goodall.

Bulletin of Christian Persecution (also, Bulletin of Jewish Persecution and others) – here.  Check on the left side under “Newsletters”.

Right Side News – here.

Family Security Matters – here.

Eurasia Review – here.

The Palestine Chronicle – here.

The Occidental Observer – here,  (see my review here.)