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Revised December 20th, 2010

Unfortunately, I must close down the “COMMENT” category, due to the high number of commercial plugs being received.  It is not unusual for me to find as many as twenty such computer-generated submissions when I go on-line in the morning, often with phoney, ill-spelt solicitations expressing great admiration and promising eternal fealty.

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of it.  My site / blog is relatively new, and although I receive a good number of ‘hits’ and my ‘recent visitor map’ looks great, I just don’t need the hassle.  It wastes time I need for putting up posts, which is far more important.

You can still reach me at:

Please remember, I reserve the right to not post any comment received if it is off-topic, insulting, racist, anti-Semitic or commercially motivated.  Nor am I interested in providing a free, unlimited-use platform for persons opposed to my opinions, beliefs or principles.  If you want to spout off, pay out the $$$ and get your own blog.

Any comments received, whether published or not, may be used in subsequent articles I write, including the name used by the sender.

If you disapprove of non-white immigration, and are unhappy with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and the military/economic espionage being carried out by Israel against the United States and others, that’s fine by me.

But, I will not tolerate foul or blasphemous language, nor will I put up with expressions of hatred against Jews and minorities.

We’re here to express a viewpoint, not to get bogged down in childish, no-win battles over language, semantics, or our manner and style of presentation.

Jeff Goodall