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Re: Toronto Police Hate Crime Unit 2009 Report.

In my comment “Who gives a Shiksa” published on May 18th, referring to the 2009 Report of the Toronto Police Hate Crime Unit, I said: “ Obviously, crime is the raison d’etre of the hate-crime unit; indeed, that is the name it has been given. Why, therefore, is no figure provided for the number of convictions actually obtained in 2009?”

Upon belatedly examining the 2009 Report, I see that information was, indeed, supplied.  Here are relevant extracts from the report:

Under the heading “2009 Arrests and Charges” we find:

“The number of arrests and charges in 2009 remained relatively the same as the previous year. In 2009, there were 23 persons arrested for hate/bias motivated offences, 18 adults and 5 young offenders. A total of 50 hate/bias motivated criminal charges were laid. These arrests and charges are in relation to 18 occurrences from 2009 (See Fig.11-Pg.13). In three of these occurrences more than one offender was arrested and charged. Also, many offenders were charged with more than one offence.

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