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Supreme Court ruling puts G-20 cops in dire straits

Supreme Court ruling just desserts for G20 protesters? 

The upholding by the Supreme Court of Canada of a damages award for violation of civil rights, sets a precedent meaning that hundreds of those arrested at the G-20 Summit in Toronto may now sue for damages for violations of their civil rights while they were in custody. 

And, how about some lawsuits from those whose businesses were abandoned to the mob? With this ruling, the legal consequences of the  G-20 Summit policing fiasco may now achieve far more than an inquiry will…

Jeff Goodall 

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Feds to review racism in hiring policies

There is something very, very fishy about this sudden “about turn” on the issue of racial discrimination in government hiring policies.  

Firstly, such policies have been in place for over twenty years, and can be found at all levels of government.  Secondly, “affirmative action” is built into our Constitution.  And thirdly, how many Canadians know that only Inuit people can vote in Nunavut territorial elections?

 (See also “Woman denied government job because of race” here)

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Tea with the Queen

Buckingham Palace Garden Party: Chairman Nick Griffin takes ‘a million nationalists’ to the Palace

(See “BNP Chairman Nick Griffin banned by Buckingham Palace here.)

Dear Fellow Patriot,

“Hatemonger Griffin attends Palace party!” You can see the headlines now can’t you? Well, despite everything the hate-filled far-left opposition have thrown at all of us, Jackie and I, along with Andrew Brons MEP, WILL be attending Buckingham Palace this Thursday.

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Gurkha soldier arrested for battlefield bravery

“The head was returned, so that the entire body (as required by Islamic law) could be buried. The British are very sensitive about further angering pro-Taliban Afghans, and go out of their way to collect all body parts of dead Taliban (especially those hit with bombs), so that the body can be buried according to Islamic law.

“The Taliban use accusations of Western troops disrespecting Islam as a major part of their propaganda efforts. When there are no real cases of such disrespect, which is usually the case, they make it up.”

Stark, raving lunacy –JG

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Race Realist Jared Taylor declares the “civil rights struggle was won long ago”

Interview, July 20th, 2010

“It is vital to eliminate the stark racial double standard that denies Whites even have legitimate interests as a group. White pride or racial consciousness is considered “bigotry” or “hatred,” while any other kind of racial consciousness is considered to be a healthy form of ethnic self-esteem.”

An interesting take on racial issues from a U.S. context –JG.

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Inside the Israeli Knesset

A Parliamentary Mob

“…this weeks Knesset decision to condition the acquisition of citizenship on the candidate’s swearing allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”, thus demanding that Arabs (especially foreign Arab spouses of Arab citizens) subscribe to the Zionist ideology. The equivalent would be the demand that new American citizens swear allegiance to the USA as a ‘white Anglo-Saxon protestant state’.”

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Woman denied government job because of race

Canada has been issuing job-calls specifying that only aboriginals can apply, for a long time now.  Some 15 years ago, while on the Executive Board of CUPE Local 79, I was told by an aboriginal woman over lunch that no aboriginal employees of Metropolitan Toronto or the City of Toronto should be laid off “until all the white employees have been laid off first”. 

I told her that when aboriginals leave their reservations and come into the cities, they can “take the crap with the rest of us”.  She was astonished, thinking that as a union officer I would be supportive of anti-white discrimination. I heard later from the friend we were with that she ‘didn’t feel comfortable around me’ any more.

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IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it a ‘military zone’

“Since 1967, Israel has prevented Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley from growing, whether by cutting off their water supply, declaring large areas as live fire zones or banning all construction.”

Another means by which Israel engages in ‘ethnic cleansing’. Israel wants land, it doesn’t want ‘peace’. Everything else is just window-dressing –JG.


By: Amira Hass

July 21st, 2010-07-21

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Converted ballistic missile subs carry Tomahawks and SEALS

American SSGNs Prowl the Pacific

Strategy Page, July 24th, 2010

In the last month, three of the four American SSGNs (former ballistic missile subs each now carrying 154 cruise missiles and SEAL commando teams) appeared in the Pacific and Indian Oceans (the Philippines, South Korea and Diego Garcia).  Some thought this was a message for China. but, in fact, the SSGNs go where the potential trouble is. When questioned, U.S. Navy officials responded that, for the first time, all four SSGNs were operating at sea, in locations distant from their bases.

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