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Dead spy not just a cog in the wheel…

This story provides a fascinating insight into British Intelligence, GCHQ at Cheltenham, and the real purpose behind the American ‘Menwith Hill’ establishment in Yorkshire.

“…police are finding it difficult to discover the exact nature of Williams’s work. They have been briefed that, despite earlier denials, it ‘impinged on national security’…He was not just a cog in the wheel. He had an important part in making the wheel go round.”

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Wikipedia’s credibility threatened by Zionists

“…a class organized by settlers to teach supporters how to register and edit Wikipedia pages, in order to make them more representative of the ‘Zionist’ viewpoint.”

Israeli campaign to “edit” pages for propaganda purposes results in Palestinian counter-reaction; Wikipedia will be destroyed as a reliable source of information if turned into an ideological battleground.   -Jeff Goodall

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Only State Sovereignty can stop America’s descent into Marxist hell

“Palin and Beck may see themselves as part of a conservative “movement,” but they want nothing to do with an old-fashioned, honest-to-God, Patrick Henry-style revolution. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to keep such a revolution from taking place…(and) because many Tea Partiers are so enamored with these two (and allow them to do much of their thinking for them), they remain clueless as well.”

“…a ‘conservative’ movement–even a conservative Tea Party movement–will not save us. The only thing that will save us is an old-fashioned State revolt.”

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The Zionist threat to Humanity

“…imagine having limited access to freeways, farmland, family, education, employment and foreign travel because the religion by which the state has chosen to identify you is legally marginalized.”

While this article is an excellent expose of the threat posed by Zionism to anyone who isn’t Jewish, it does contain some premises which I find unrealistic and problematical. 

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Italian ‘Northern League’ applauds French expulsion of Roma

“Rome (must) act “as quickly as possible” to block Roma expelled by France to Romania from heading to Italy…We have to give a strong signal to avoid that happening. It must be made clear to all, Roma and non-Roma, that in our country those who live on the edge and in volation of the law are not tolerated and mustn’t put a foot on Italian soil…”

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Israel stocks up on aviation and regular fuel – attack on Iran imminent?

“This massive order begs the question; is the final confrontation imminent? And, if not, then what is all this fuel for?” 

– In my estimate, in addition to buying the aviation fuel needed to mount an attack on Iran, Israel is also stocking up on gasoline and diesel fuel because of the massive, if not total, reduction of oil supplies which will be caused by Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz if attacked.

And, if Israel attacks Lebanon after attacking Iran, and the Strait of Hormuz has been blocked, then with all that fuel they will have a massive military advantage.

America should hold on to its fuel stocks, and everyone should be stocking up on gas for the car….

Jeff Goodall

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Soldier loses leg, denied disabled parking permit

Army hero who lost a leg in Afghanistan denied a disabled parking permit by council bosses ‘because he might get better’

‘I replied that they possibly did not quite understand the situation and that I thought it unlikely my leg would grow back.’

How utterly retarded.  People aren’t going to be willing to risk life and limb for their country if they are going to be treated in such a bizarre and disgusting manner.  -JG.

Mail Online

By ‘Daily Mail Reporter’ August 27th, 2010

A hero soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan has been denied a disabled parking badge three times by council bosses.

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