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An introduction to ‘British Freedom’

“British workers are being forced into unemployment as cheap foreign labour is imported into the country to take our jobs and young British people are being dumped onto our streets with no hope of gaining meaningful employment or securing a future for themselves.”

A New Nationalist Alternative

Dear Fellow Patriot, 

Within Britain, more and more people are becoming aware of the threat to our nation and traditional British culture from political correctness, multiculturalism and mass immigration. 

These problems are either encouraged by mainstream politicians, or completely ignored by them.

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Toronto’s rip-off sale of houses to Wigwamen in jeopardy?

“…Mayor-elect Rob Ford met with TCHC (Toronto Community Housing) over the sale of the (twenty) homes to Wigwamen for $395,156 — well below their appraised value of $8.6 million.”

Disgusting.  They already qualify for welfare and social housing, why should they have additional ‘social housing’ opportunities through Wigwamen?  If they want to live as Indians, they can stay on their reservations.  And if they want to move into the cities, they can take the crap with the rest of us.

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Infuriating abuse of Indian Affairs tax money

“Peguis was $10 million in debt 11 years ago…According to Indian Affairs’ own protocols, the community’s debt should have triggered the department to place its finances in the hands of a third party manager in 1999.”

“The previous chief ran a dictatorship here…I’m just maintaining the status quo.”  Peguis Band Chief Glenn Hudson.

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Jewish extremist hatred extends to Christians too

While it is common for some Jews to spit on Christian clergy in Israel, the actual burning of a Christian church reaches a new high.  Then again, the settlers responsible think nothing of destroying crops, attacking villages and mosques, and emptying sewage tanks over Palestinian farmland, quite apart from killing civilians and destroying their dwellings.

The only reason Christians get off so lightly in the “Jewish State” is the need for support from the overwhelmingly Christian West.  Then again, that hasn’t stopped the occasional burning of New Testaments, see here.

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Obama’s presidency encourages racism

“Is it legal for the Central Intelligence Agency, for example, to advertise positions on a website only? More importantly, would they advertise on a website?”

Official anti-White Discrimination Reaches New High in Job Market

American Third Position

Email bulletin: October 31st, 2010

Anti-white discrimination in the job market has reached a new high with no less than 87 major American companies, 15 important government agencies, and 42 institutes of higher education preferring to advertise their vacancies on a “blacks only” job website.

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An end to leftist domination of ‘green’ issues?

“The day when we have green nationalist groups all over the country organising their own local resistance movements and working with each other to defend our national environment, is the day that British Nationalism goes from being a set of academic and intellectual theories to becoming a vibrant, living and active movement in our country.”

It is very heartening to find an ecological defender that is not left-wing!

As a ‘small-c’ conservative, I have always believed that one should not infringe on the rights of others.  And, I cannot think of a better way to infringe on other people’s rights than by poisoning the air they breathe and  the water they drink, and by destroying their natural surroundings.

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Massive voter fraud in Arizona and Colorado?

Russell Pearce (State Senator)

Maricopa County Republican Committee

October 23rd, 2010


There has been an accusation that 65% of 5000 voter registration forms, submitted by Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona, in Yuma County on the last day of filling are invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc.  I also understand that these 2 groups have signed up 20,000 states wide and they have requested that 45,000 be put on the permanent early ballot. If 65% of these last minute registration forms in Yuma are invalid, which may be more as they are still checking the rest, then what is the percentages of invalid in Maricopa, Pima and other counties.

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