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Sensible money advice for youngsters

If we are ever to get our country and ourselves straightened out financially, educating teenagers about the basics of handling their lives and money is a large part of it.  Once they achieve a sense of responsibility in themselves, they will begin to expect it from politicians of all parties at all times.

The following advice from Canada’s Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, goes a long way towards this; these four tips that he is passing on to his three sons are a great way to start, and well-worthy of being passed on.

Jeff Goodall

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Israel desperate to improve image

“These individuals – likely to be drawn from Jewish or Christian activists, academics, journalists and students – will be briefed regularly by Israeli officials and encouraged to speak up for Israel at public meetings or write letters or articles for the press.

“Israeli embassies in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome will receive funds to hire professional PR firms and lobbyists.

“During its three-week war on Gaza, which began in December 2008, Israel launched a PR strategy through its national information directorate to co-ordinate key messages on a daily basis.”

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Canada: ‘police state’ tactics used against children

A twelve year-old boy became upset after being told he would be getting a needle, and threatened unspecified damage to the school if he was assaulted in this manner.

I remember a time when the boy’s father would have been called in from work, and would have straightened the boy out and told him to behave himself and act like a man.  Instead, here is how the school and police responded:

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Russia and China to trade in each other’s currencies, not U.S. dollars

“The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said…Wen said at the press conference that the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has ‘reached an unprecedented level’ and pledged the two countries will ‘never become each other’s enemy’.”

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Petition: First Nations Financial Transparency Act

“…in order for it (Bill C-575) to pass, it must be supported by Opposition MPs.  Currently, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff are opposed to these salaries being disclosed. Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe has yet to declare a position.” 

Disgusting!  Here’s your opportunity to make your voice heard.   -JG.

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The Case for Revocation of AIPAC’s Tax Exemption

The Case for Revocation of Tax Exemption 

This is a PDF document.  It can be printed or read, but not copied. 

The “Case for Revocation” lists the activities of AIPAC and its predecessors from 1948 to the present.  It is a lengthy read, but well worth the trouble.

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