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Pro-homosexual indoctrination of U.S. Armed Forces

I support this Army officer 100%.  As a union officer with Metropolitan Toronto, I represented many gays who had become disciplinary problems due to disruptive behaviour of one kind or another.

They paid union dues, they were entitled to representation, and I filed and pursued grievances for them to the best of my ability and regardless of my personal opinions.

Because of  25 years of working in government offices, including some twenty years experience as a union officer, I have a better insight than most into the self-centred, narcissistic behaviour they can be capable of, and the problems that can be caused in basically conservative organisations by men wearing lipstick and makeup, engaging in other disruptive attention-seeking behaviour, and harassing ‘straights’ either for pleasure or to assert themselves.  And that’s before we get into fears by management of the diseases that sexually promiscuous homosexuals can bring into the workplace.

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The Spanish Ham Lawsuit and Other Muslim Problems Hitting Iberia

Hudson New York

Soeren Kern: Dec 23rd, 2010

A high school teacher in southern Spain is being sued for child abuse by the parents of a Muslim student who claims that the teacher “defamed Islam” by talking about Spanish ham in class. The case is one of a growing list of recent controversies that illustrate the increasing assertiveness of Muslims in Spain at a time when Spaniards are slowly waking up to the integration challenges posed by uncontrolled immigration from Muslim countries.

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Onward Christian Soldiers!

For many years now, we have been under attack by intolerant people who tell us that our celebrating the birth of Christ is offensive to them.

And even if you are a ‘lapsed’ Christian, don’t think for one minute that you are not under attack like the rest of us.  Christianity is considered part of the White European ‘identity’, and an attack on Christianity is an attack on us all. 

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Protecting your computer

The following links may be useful to you when it comes to protecting your computer.

The first link is to an article that puts things into perspective, and explains why spending big $$ on McAfee and Norton is not necessary.

The remainder all take you to where you can download useful programmes.

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