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Invisible tanks and soldiers?

How long have we got before some bright spark forgets where he left his tank and can’t find it?

Then again, if criminals ever obtain the technology then surveillance cameras would never pick up trespassers, prowlers, stalkers, robbers etc. and terrorist attacks will become considerably easier to carry out.

Maybe this is one Genie they should have left in the bottle…..

Jeff G.

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Insurance ‘navy’ forming to deal with piracy problem

A coalition of shipping companies, trade unions and welfare organisations yesterday sought to increase the pressure on governments and international bodies to provide more military cover and secure an agreement which allows pirates to be captured and prosecuted.

Currently nearly all suspected pirates captured off the Somali coast are simply stripped of their weapons and allowed to return to port.”

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The Tucson tragedy and its poisonous fallout

This useful background article by The Washington Times is probably all I will post on this issue.

I have no wish to further spread the deplorable rhetoric being put out in such profusion by the American Left and Right. And no, I’m not a fan of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who in my opinion went a long way towards helping to start it.

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The supremacy of ‘gay rights’ over Christian belief

“The ruling by a judge in Bristol sealed the supremacy of gay rights over Christian belief under the Sexual Orientation Regulations pushed through by Tony Blair four years ago.

“The laws… have had the knock-on effect of requiring Christians who run small concerns to set their principles and beliefs aside if they wish to stay in business.

“The two men deny suggestions that their booking was a set-up on behalf of gay rights group Stonewall, which had previously written to the hotel owners about their rules.

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China’s military leaps forward to catch up with US

Daily Times (Pakistan)

Sebastien Blanc: January 16th, 2011.

China is sending a strong message to the US and countries in the region that China’s military modernisation is unstoppable, and China is determined to become this region’s dominant actor.

By quietly building up its stash of high-tech weaponry, China is threatening US military supremacy in the Pacific, worrying its neighbours and contributing to a renewed arms race in Asia, analysts say.

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