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Socialism: The destroyer of civilisations

“Today, when Americans look at places like Detroit and South Central Los Angeles and the Bronx, they see outliers, locations thrown by fortune or luck to the bottom of the heap. They do not see the policies that led to these areas’ fall from grace.

“And so we continue to elect the same politicians who made the Bronx of literature and jazz into the Bronx of graffiti and hip-hop and prostitution and drugs. Politics and culture had consequences for the Bronx, and they have consequences for America more broadly.”

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Canada’s Short-Sighted Immigration Policy

This is a guest column; ‘Mihael Willman’ is the pseudonym for a concerned Canadian – Jeff Goodall

by Mihael Willman

Proponents of higher immigration quotas always cite Canada’s growing aging population as requiring young immigrants to offset this trend. Because natural growth, through a low domestic birth rate, is considered to be insufficient to maintain our increasingly aging population, we are told that young immigrants are desperately required.

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Stephen Harper’s twisted views on Israel

“We have the right and thus the obligation to speak out and stand up” Harper urged CJPAC supporters to continue their work. “You are standing for the very values that go to the core of what both Canada and Israel are all about – opposition to violence, to tyranny, to antisemitism, to all the related forms of racism and intolerance. And you are supporting freedom, democracy, justice for our fellow citizens indeed, for all peoples.”

What an appallingly inaccurate statement by a man who should know better, and who should put the interests of all Canadians before anything else.

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This guy is truly mental

Mayor plans to bring town back to life by attracting Muslims

National Post

Graeme Hamilton: March 16th, 2011

HUNTINGDON, Que. — The textile mills here have closed, the population is shrinking, but Mayor Stéphane Gendron is not abandoning hope. Elected in 2003 under the slogan, “Let’s bring this town back to life!” Mr. Gendron has a new plan to revitalize his community of about 2,600 people — build a mosque and establish a Halal slaughterhouse in a town with hardly any Muslim residents.

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Markers of civilisation

“It is interesting to compare New Zealand’s response to sudden emergencies with that in other parts of the world; no shrieking and wailing for money and assistance, just a calm, measured response, with nothing like the stereotypical eagerness to loot and take advantage of the situation so typical of Blacks and others, including those in the West, who tend to be a total liability when disaster strikes.”

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Neanderthals: Bad-mouthed for being white?

Years ago, I used to read that Neanderthals were advanced creatures, capable of producing shirts and other clothes, even buttons and button-holes.

More recently, perhaps in tandem with television shows portraying white people in general and white males in particular as being stupid, ignorant creatures such as Archie Bunker, things seem to have changed, and Neanderthals were classed as dumb.

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Israel continues ethnic cleansing of the Bedouin

“Israel could easily plant forests in vast areas of the Negev where Bedouins have no land claims without erasing Bedouin links to their land.

“Indeed, the day before the government first demolished al-Araqib, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at the real motive, warning in a government meeting that “if we allow for a region without a Jewish majority” in the Negev, that would pose “a palpable threat” to Israel.” 

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Bureacracy: parents must see children killed

“The agency tells prospective applicants that “nervous shock” — which is a type of pain and suffering under board rules — “is a legal finding, not a medical diagnosis” but requires claimants give medical proof…While the board has denied pain and suffering claims by these mothers, it has routinely paid police officers pain and suffering cash awards after they suffered minor injuries on the job.”

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“Revenge settlements”: Israel’s juvenile reaction to tragedy

“Interior Minister and Shas head Eli Yishai tried to outdo the revenge settlement announcement by proposing that the government set up an official policy of 1,000 new settlement houses for every person killed in the West Bank.”

Several hundred Palestinian children were killed during Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza a couple of years ago. But that’s OK, it seems that killing Palestinians is ‘kosher’.

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” –Rabbi Ya’acov Perin in his eulogy at the funeral of mass murderer Dr. Baruch Goldstein.

We get the message…

Jeff Goodall

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