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Further heavy investment by China in Iran

“Iran has increasingly shifted to Asian countries to develop its oil and gas fields. State-owned Asian firms are less susceptible to Western pressure to stay away from the Iranian market and are eager for energy supplies to feed their future growth.”

Both China and Russia will react very badly to any attack on Iran due to their massive investments in that country, and both are nuclear-armed.

Jeff Goodall

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Canadian special forces honoured at Rideau Hall

“It’s about silent professionalism and doing the job without expecting recognition”

One of my uncles was a Royal Marine Commando who served in the Special Boat Service during WWII. While I am thankful that we have special forces available for national security purposes, they should not be used for unnecessary and purely political purposes such as pursuing wars for Israel.

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Japan will get no help from me

I take no pleasure in the disastrous earthquake and the resulting tsunamis, and I would never wish such things upon anybody.

But, I have no interest whatsoever in making any donation to Japanese relief efforts, and I certainly won’t be encouraging anyone else to donate; Japanese war atrocities, and the effect they had on my family, leave me utterly devoid of any feelings of sympathy or concern.

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Taiwan beginning to turn to others for defence needs

Suggestions that the Republic of China (Province of Taiwan) lacks the ability, logistics and harbour facilities to maintain submarines do not appear to be hindering their efforts to acquire them.

At the same time, there are suggestions that Taiwan needs to beef up its own arms industry and look elsewhere for military assistance as U.S. supremacy in the Far East continues to deteriorate, and that Taiwan has secretly sent a delegation to Russia to discuss co-operative endeavours with regards to submarine design, acquisition and manufacture.

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Israel’s shame: The killing of a schoolgirl

This 5 year-old story re-caught my attention recently, and is well-worth posting now as it demonstrates clearly just how little human life means to the Israel Defense Forces.  

Nothing has changed in the meantime.

One can only ponder in wonderment why a Druze would act in such a manner, let alone that a military court would clear him.

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UK: Pakistani girls are off limits, so white girls are ‘easy meat’

“…sexual grooming by UK gangs does exhibit a clear cultural profile. University College London investigators “identified 17 court prosecutions since 1997, 14 of them in the past three years, involving the on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16 by groups of men,” the Daily Mail summarizes. “Three of the 56 [found guilty] were white; 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community.” Also note that 22 of the 27 victims of a recently convicted “Asian” gang from Derby are white.” 

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Great potential for the upcoming Brian Lilley TV talk show

I was delighted to read that Toronto Sun parliamentary reporter Brian Lilley will be getting to host his own TV talk show on the Sun News Network, a new 24-hour news channel set to launch on April 18th.

His informative and insightful reporting on issues ranging from immigration to property rights to free speech to institutionalised federal government racism in hiring policies, has attracted my attention several times. A search for “Brian Lilley” within this site produced no less than nine hits last night.

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America’s rush to oblivion

“…60 ships were commonly underway in America’s seaward approaches in 1998, but today—despite opportunities for the infiltration of terrorists, the potential of weapons of mass destruction, and the ability of rogue nations to sea-launch intermediate and short-range ballistic missiles—there are only 20… As China’s navy rises and ours declines, not that far in the future the trajectories will cross.”

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