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Human Rights: Getting out of the ‘hurt feelings’ racket…

“…just as important as getting rid of the pretend judges is getting rid of the counterfeit ‘right not to be offended.’…the Wildrose Party’s suggestion is an improvement over Saskatchewan’s — it gets government out of the hurt feelings business altogether.”

Not much, but at least a start… JG.

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“The no-fault quagmire”

…the much-reduced involvement of judges in most cases means that judicial oversight is lacking, making it easier for fraud artists to rip-off the system. The costs of these rip-offs are then passed along in the form of higher premiums. And, as auto insurance has been compulsory since 1980, insurance companies have a vast and ever-expanding captive market.”

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, September 29th, 2003.

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“The onslaught of tyranny”

I have had the experience of being interviewed for UIC job training assistance, and having to fill out a form to claim any entitlement to preferential treatment. If one cannot “self-identify” as a member of any of the approved groups, then one has by default “self-identified” as being of European origin, and thus a valid target for discrimination and second-rate service.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Fight Back”: Canada Free Press, August 4th, 2003.

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“Too much Pavlov”

Indeed, says Judi, “…my lectures to Jeff Goodall are unlikely to change anything now that he’s gone over to the other side.” She then praises David Horowitz of, and approvingly reprints his juvenile ranting about “Palestinians and Arabs who kill their own children by strapping bombs to them and letting them blow up other children–Jew children– so that they will go to heaven and their families will receive a $25,000 award.”

Jeff Goodall, ‘Fight Back’: Canada Free Press, March 3rd, 2003.

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Sovereignty outrage: Israel demands armed guards at Danish airport

As we are told below, “Denmark is unwilling to allow Israeli personnel to perform security checks on passengers traveling from Copenhagen to Ben Gurion Airport. Moreover, Denmark is also opposed to the Israeli security guards holding weapons in Copenhagen Airport.”

My first thought was, “does Israel have armed guards at airports elsewhere in the world?” and according to Wikipedia, the answer is “Yes”. Have a look at the “Security” section of Wikipedia’s page on El Al Airlines, (link below).

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“Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act”: Search warrant not included

“The bill would make it mandatory for telecom providers, ISPs and search engines to monitor, store, retain and not disclose e-mail, Internet and telephone communications at the request of law and security officials. No warrant necessary… The government plans to tuck it into its “super Crime Bill.” This is telecom, internet and privacy policy by stealth. It will be easy to impose, because concentrated media markets are easy to regulate.”

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“The right to die naturally” revisited

In “The right to die naturally” (September 11th, 2010) I spoke of asking my mother what her wishes would be if she were unable to make decisions for herself. She replied that if her health situation became such that she had no reasonable prospect of an enjoyable or at least tolerable life, then she would prefer to be allowed to die naturally, with no effort being made to delay things; she had enjoyed a good run, and “I have done all the things I’m supposed to do”.

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“High technology is at the greatest risk, with several cases of theft of Canadian proprietary information and/or technology being investigated by Canadian authorities. It is believed that a Chinese employee stole nuclear technology information from Ontario Hydro.”

Jeff Goodall,  ‘Fight Back’: Toronto Free Press, Oct. 18th to Nov. 5th, 2001. 

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