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Use of union dues for political activities nothing new…

In the story below, we are told about how Toronto’s public high school teachers union is “offering members up to two paid days off — “release time” — if they attended a campaign training session with the Liberals or the NDP this month at union HQ and agreed to work on either of those party’s election campaigns in September.”

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“Financing the Revolution”

“The amount of time, materials, money and facilities made available out of the pockets of union members is absolutely astonishing. Activists are booked off from their regular jobs for days and even weeks at a time. Telephone banks are provided and staffed in rented premises. Money is available for ads and commercials against the government. Money for buses, placards, accommodations, vehicle rental, you name it. All out of the pockets of union members, who have never, ever, been asked which party they support, let alone whether or not they even want their dues spent on politics.”

Jeff Goodall, ‘Guest column’: Our Toronto Free Press, April, 1998.

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U.S. political system protects Israeli spies

“…the safest crime in America these days is spying for Israel, especially if you are in the Congress, Pentagon or the Whitehouse.”

“…when a lot of our young aspiring counter intel people learn that our political system protects Israeli espionage here, they leave government service in disgust, as have many of our best FBI people. It’s a national disgrace.”

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‘Turkish schools’: Building an empire with public funds?

For a decade or more a world-wide Muslim sect known as Fethullah Gulen has been building a small empire in the United States by constructing and operating publicly-financed Charter Schools, or ‘Turkish schools’ as they have come to be known. There are now some 120 ‘Turkish schools’ in the U.S.

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China’s first small step towards the projection of power

“…the vessel might be used essentially as a training ship, a school at sea that teaches the navy and its pilots how to effectively operate a carrier… (thus) China may well be telling the truth when it promises not to deploy its first carrier abroad on offensive operations. It’s the ones they build afterwards that might prove worrisome.”

An interesting article on how and why China obtained an aircraft carrier, and the plusses and minusses involved -JG.

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RCMP wants to tighten the screws on political dissenters?

“What concerns me about the report is that it’s another excuse for increased surveillance of all kinds of groups… The problem with this report is that they lump anyone that dissents with the government all in the same basket.” – Sarita Srivastava, Queen’s University.

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Germany’s Merkel stands up to Israel

Three months old, but worth repeating:

“…when Germany voted against Israel at the United Nations last month, Mr. Netanyahu was furious. He telephoned Mrs. Merkel on Feb. 21, venting his disappointment.  “How dare you?” Mrs. Merkel replied. “You are the one who has disappointed us. You haven’t made a single step to advance peace.”

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Border Sheriffs Legal Defense Fund – Donation Request

For my American readers and friends, and for anyone else who may be interested in helping out.

Whether one lives in Cochise County, elsewhere in the States, or outside the States for that matter, Sheriffs Dever and Babeu carry a powerful symbolism in the fight against illegal immigration. And in Canada, we have abuse of our refugee and visitor systems by people who often use our pathetic sieve of a border to enter Canada with the intention of then sneaking into the U.S.

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Driving Pakistan into desperation?

The fact that there are plans in place to seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is no great surprise. Military commanders the world over are required to be prepared to carry out whatever demands may be placed upon them by their political leaders.

In this case, we have a combination not just of plans, but also of a desire to carry them out; Israel would love to have its American sponsors relieve the only nuclear-armed Muslim country in the world of its capabilities, even if they are primarily aimed at India.

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