Monthly Archives: August 2011

Sid Ryan’s $350,000 ‘exoneration’ of racism accusations

Luckily for Brother Ryan, his ‘case’ was heard by a retired senior judge rather than by a kangaroo-court Human Rights Commission tribunal, at which the truth would have been irrelevant, intent meaningless, and guilt could have been determined simply on the basis of the complainant’s “hurt feelings”. 

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It’s ‘useful’ to support Israel…!

“…that’s what Kate Marshall’s congressional campaign did today, expressing strong support for Israel and then mistakenly leaving in a “background” note about why.” 

I wonder who writes up these “background notes”… and, I wonder if Stephen Harper will ever make such a mistake… JG.

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Layton overload: ‘Teddy bear grief’ and the ‘state funeral’

“…traditional mourning rituals dominated by religion have been discarded, but with nothing equally dignified to replace them, we have turned to sentimentality and kitsch to express our sense of loss.”

“Protocol was invented for a good reason. Protocol allows people to perform on automatic pilot when stress clouds their ability to think clearly.”

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