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Jack Layton

“The letter was first presented as Mr. Layton’s last message to Canadians, as something written by him on his deathbed; only later was it more fully described as having been “crafted” with party president Brian Topp, Mr. Layton’s chief of staff Anne McGrath and his wife and fellow NDP MP Olivia Chow.”

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Is Israel not telling the truth about attacks?

“The authenticity of claims of a Gaza link to the attacks in Israel has been questioned by (writer and journalist) Joseph Dana who pointed out that the Haaretz account was based entirely on anonymous sources and government hearsay accounts. (Nonetheless most of the international media outlets published the same line.)”

“…with a high proportion of fanatics in the Knesset, Benjamin Netanyahu more interested in political survival that statehood, AIPAC puppets controlling the White House and Congress, and a weak Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, there appears to be little cause for hope.”

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Goderich disaster update

See the previous post “Tornado strikes Goderich, Ontario” for donation advice -JG.

One dead, dozens injured as powerful tornado devastates Goderich, Ontario 

The Canadian Press

Paola Loriggi: August 22nd, 2011

GODERICH, Ont. – The most powerful tornado to hit the province in years swept through a southwestern Ontario town Sunday afternoon killing one person and causing severe devastation in the picturesque community on the shores of Lake Huron.

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CUPE Boss Eyes Pension Fund

“The vast power that such control (over the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) will give to the doctrinaire socialists, communists and assorted revolutionaries in the labour movement is absolutely frightening. Labour has never hesitated to use its power to strike as an instrument of economic warfare against our free enterprise system, and now they want the power to influence and distort the investment market, with all the consequences which would flow from that.” 

Jeff Goodall, “Cover Story”: Toronto Free Press, December 14th, 1999.

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