Monthly Archives: October 2011

U.K.’s Defence Ministry scandal: All the usual suspects…

“Now the focus has shifted to Pargav, the not-for-profit organization that Werritty set up to fund his travels on Fox’s behalf. Among its major donors is Mick Davis, chair of the board of trustees of the Jewish Leadership Council and chairman of the United Jewish Israel Appeal.”

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Time to stop licensing requirements for gun-owners

“According to statistics provided by the Library of Parliament and Statistic Canada, of the 7,720 homicides committed between 1997 (one year before the registry opened) and 2009, just 95 (1.25%) were committed with a firearm registered to the accused murderer, and only 151 (1.98%) were committed with a gun by a person who held a valid firearms licence.”

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

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Israel deliberately wrecking any chance of a ‘two state’ solution

“More than 500,000 Israeli civilians live in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem, built in contravention of international law (4th Geneva Convention, Article 49). In this year alone, at least 755 Palestinians had been forcibly displaced due to demolitions, and 127 due to settler violence – some 40% of these were Bedouin.”

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