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Band Chiefs largely to blame for poor housing, education on reserves

“The last straw for many of them…  was the council’s refusal to disclose the band’s finances after a document surfaced showing Benuen tapping into the band’s trust account to the tune of almost $200,000. ”

“…we, the people of Sheshatshiu have lost confidence in the Sheshatshiu Innu First National organization ….”  – Band member petition.

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Toronto Police Association gets egg on its face

“There is no sexual purpose in a search conducted by an officer for weapons or contraband… It is our concern that when the SIU lays a charge like this, once again it jeopardizes the confidence our officers have to do their jobs. We believe the SIU is laying frivolous charges again.” – Police Association president Mike McCormack at the time the charges were laid against the officer.

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Pakistan: Americans playing with fire

The Americans appear to be going out of their way to aggravate Pakistan, at the same time that Israel appears to be preparing for war against Iran.

Pakistan and Iran have a common border, and both are considered by Israel to be enemies.  Indeed, Pakistan is the only Muslim country known for sure to possess nuclear weapons.

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Paul Fromm’s decades of fighting Section 13 ignored

As I see it, there are two problems in the otherwise excellent article below by Peter Worthington about the hopefully-impending demise of Canada’s notorious “Section 13” censorship law.

Firstly, I quote: “Initially it was Jewish groups that supported Section 13, probably because they felt they were the favoured targets of hate. What wasn’t anticipated was that the legislation would be used to limit free speech– and in a draconian way that can’t be justified in a court of law.”

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Muslims and Jihad: Time for the West to wake up

Do you know that Muslims have been waging war (Jihad) against the rest of the world for fourteen hundred years?

*  An Arab fleet sailed up the Tiber to Rome in 846 and stole all the treasures from the Basilica of Saint Peter, resulting in the building of the Vatican as a walled city.

*  The Americans waged a war against Barbary (Mediterranean) pirates culminating in victory and a cessation of piracy in 1815.

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Africentric schools: Warring against nature

In my opinion, Lorrie Goldstein, (see article below), delivers an excellent analysis of the Africentric schools issue, insofar as he goes.

I do not think for one second that “African” students suddenly run into trouble the instant they step onto Canadian soil.  They have problems in the Caribbean, and they have problems in Africa.  Their cognitive inability, and lack of incentive to concentrate and learn, are not a result of their moving into White societies.

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Christianity being subverted to destroy Western Civilization

“Traditionally conservative churches are turning to the new theology of accepting mass immigration, claiming that Christians must accept immigrants from the Third World—legal and illegal—because Jesus is said to ‘accept everybody’”.

“It is more important now than ever that Christians disavow this heresy that Christians have some duty to defend criminals and to turn their countries into multicultural hodgepodges.”

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