Monthly Archives: December 2011

Britain and the U.S. risk disaster with Sharia law

“In Islam, marriages are seen as contracts. The dissolution of these contracts will provide for settlements that undermine the status of women, as women are not granted equal compensation or child-custody claims… Sharia recognizes men as superior to women in matters of civil arbitration… In disputes over child custody, sharia recognizes the absoluteness of a father’s ownership if the child is over seven years old.”

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“Racist vandals” and the police as political performers

Once again, this time in the person of York Regional Police 1 District Inspector Rick McCabe,  we have a police officer who misunderstands his function in society.  His comment “We won’t be asking for a plea bargain… We’re going to be asking for jail time — lots of it” sounds most impressive, and will undoubtedly help advance his career in today’s politically-correct policing environment, but the police won’t be making any recommendations to the courts, the Crown will.

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Support the Occidental Observer: Fundraising appeal

I have been receiving posts from the Occidental Observer by e-mail for over a year now, and I am surprised at the number of posts, (pretty-much daily), and the consistent quality and relevence of their material.

In all, I have re-posted six of their articles where they have been of immediate and particular interest, the most recently three months ago.  You can see them by searching “Occidental Observer” on this site, and you may wish to do so as these articles provide excellent examples of their work.  (See here).

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Caledonia and the ‘native discount’

“… it is clear that race-based justice remains the norm — for proof, one need look no further than the absurdly light sentence meted out to the native man who beat Sam Gualtieri nearly to death… such a paltry sentence for such a serious crime sends the message that to be native is to be exempt from the same laws that govern all other Canadian citizens.”

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2012: Expect major war and massive financial breakdown

“The 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations and their “Israel First” followers in Congress, State, Treasury and the Pentagon will push for war with Iran. If they are successful it will result in a regional conflagration and world depression. Given the extremist Israeli regimes’ success in securing blind obedience to its war policies from the US Congress and White House, any doubts about the real possibility of a major catastrophic outcome can be excluded.”

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