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Stephen Harper and the New ‘National Energy Program’

This is a guest column; ‘Mihael Willman’ is the pseudonym for a concerned Canadian – JG.

By Mihael Willman

What a difference several decades can make! In 1980, so long ago that, as a non-Albertan, the memory of that period had been pushed back into the recesses of my mind, then Prime Minister Pierre Eliott Trudeau introduced his National Energy Program (N.E.P.).

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“Public interest responsible communication” libel defence

Below is a link to yet another excellent article by Alan Shanoff, solicitor-Emeritus of the Toronto Sun.  This time, he writes on the subject of Canada’s defamation laws, and the previous difficulty in defending oneself from an accusation of libel or slander.  Essentially speaking, ‘freedom of expression’ was losing out against ‘protection of reputation’, with it being extremely difficult to find adequate defences against such accusations.

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Is Prime Minister Harper selling us out to China?

“China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes… Suggested “mitigation measures” cannot fully address the threat posed by Chinese telecommunications companies providing equipment and services to United States critical infrastructure.” – House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

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Does Muslim “sex-grooming” of White girls occur in Canada?

The British National Party has recently produced a leaflet on the dangers of Muslim “grooming gangs” which seek to befriend under-age White girls and prepare them for use as sex objects.  There have been several scandals in Britain over this practice, with police and politicians covering up such criminal activities for fear of being called “racist”.  Or, as seems more likely to me, fear of the horror and repulsion the general public would feel towards the perpetrators, and the civil unrest that could ensue.

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The last of the ‘Battle of Britain’ heroes dies

William Walker, the last surviving member of that gallant group of fighter pilots known as “The Few”, died on October 22nd at the age of 99.

Without them, the Luftwaffe would have obtained the necessary mastery of the air needed to enable the invasion of Britain by the Axis powers, thus enabling the Third Reich to defeat the Soviets and last for 1,000 years.

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