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India, Japan co-operate against Chinese rare earths monopoly

In a “Comment” article posted by India’s Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses yesterday, we are told by author Ajey Lele that Japan and India are finding common ground in the need to co-operate with each other to counter-act China’s near-monopoly on “rare earth elements” (REE’s).  Specifically, Japan finds its electronics industry and sovereignty threatened by China, and India is the second-largest producer of REE’s and has a history of enmity and military conflict with China.

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Operation Pillar of Cloud – November 20th, 2012

Top 10 Myths About Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Killing Hope: Israel Targets Sports in Gaza

Israeli Aggression: Dress Rehearsal for Iran?

Dancing Israeli students chant “Death to the Arabs” (Video)

Russia: US Blocking UN Statement Calling for Gaza Ceasefire

Minister: 25 mosques bombed in Gaza

World has put up with Zionist apartheid for too long

Congress’s Shameful Support for Israeli Bombing

Chaos in Gaza hospital as doctors run out of life-saving medicines

In the line of fire: No escape anywhere in Gaza

Gaza: Infrastructure destroyed, press and civilians attacked

Factors underlying this vicious military attack on a largely helpless civilian population are the upcoming Israeli election, Palestine’s move towards “observer” status at the U.N., and Israel’s never-ending quest to acquire more and more real estate and then clear it of unwanted “others”.

What I am attempting to do is extract salient information from the foreign (less-controlled) press and the internet, together with such revealing pro-Israeli propaganda and leaks as appear in the mainstream press, and then assemble it all into an easily-surveyed and digested presentation.

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French politicians freak over article in The Economist

Britain’s Daily Mail ran a great story yesterday describing the French response to an article in  “The Economist” which describes France as “the time-bomb at the heart of Europe”; it would seem that while The Economist supports the continuation of the Euro, it thinks that French plans to tackle the financial crisis are “not ambitious enough”.

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China brags as neighbours abandon the U.S. dollar

Using quotes from the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the Royal Bank of Scotland,  Bloomberg and others, “China Daily” tells us that renminbi-denominated foreign trade accounted for 10 per-cent of China’s total in July of this year, while two years ago, the figure was zero. 

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Operation Pillar of Cloud – November 16th, 2012

“Operation Pillar of Cloud” has now become “Operation Pillar of Defence”, although nobody seems to have told Wikipedia yet.

Somehow, it seems to make “mowing the grass” a whole lot nicer… JG.

Israel just “mowing the grass”

Attack “won’t deter Palestinians from seeking observer status at the UN”

Tunisia sends foreign minister to Gaza with aid

Worldwide protests against Israel: Listing is updated

Iraq urges Arab states to use oil against US, Israel