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AIPAC: Senate control gives Israel veto power in the U.N.

In an article appearing today in “Veterans News Now”, Tanya Cariina Hsu provides a startling “insider” view of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its modus operandi.  And while it should be noted that Ms. Hsu declines to identify her informant, the story rings true, and provides a credible explanation for the enormous stranglehold that Israel has over the United States.

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America: Going ‘forward’ on the wrong road

Although the following article by JB Williams from “Right Side News” specifically addresses the American experience, it contains useful parallels as to how all Western, Christian nations are being debased and ruined by enemies within. 

And while the author is clearly aware of the Marxist basis for these attacks, and identifies Obama as being the current spearhead, there is no indication that he is in the least aware that Marxism, Obama ‘et al’ are merely tools for the “deconstructing” of Western society which has been deliberately engaged in by organized Jewry for well over a century. 

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France tires of immigrant burden

“With a growing number of migrants, mainly from Muslim countries, France is experiencing many internal problems. They include rising unemployment and crime, and increasingly greater sums of money from the state treasury spent on support of migrants and their families, which has a detrimental effect on the economy. Finally, France is simply awash with the migrant population with an alien ideology, reluctant to accept European values and often hostile.”

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U.K. Minister refers bluntly to Israeli war crimes

“These are further profoundly provocative actions that run contrary to the Fourth Geneva Convention… By taking these steps, despite the international community repeatedly raising our profound concerns, the Israeli government is damaging Israel’s international reputation.” – Alistair Burt, Minister for the Middle East.

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Newtown School Tragedy – December 26th, 2012

One of the biggest issues regarding violence in the United States is the easy availability of prescription drugs that can cause episodes of extreme violence.  Such drugs can result in outbreaks ranging from minimal to extreme, and cause a great deal of expense and suffering, as well as multiple deaths.

Here are some articles providing background on this issue. -JG.

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Religious supremacism in Israel

“Upper Nazareth is a Jewish town and all its symbols are Jewish… As long as I hold office, no non-Jewish symbol will be presented in the city.” – Shimon Gapso, Mayor of Upper Nazareth.

“…what is clear is that there is plenty of religious intolerance verging on hatred being quietly exercised against non-Jews, mostly behind the scenes so as not to disturb Israel’s ‘Jewish and democratic’ image or outrage the millions of Christian tourists and pilgrims who visit Israel each year.” – Jonathan Cook, award-winning author and writer.

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