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A blatant example of liberal degeneracy…

Texas judge postpones scheduled execution of woman –

“The execution of Kimberly McCarthy was postponed by a Texas judge on Tuesday, the day she was to die, to give her lawyers time to argue that racial discrimination played a role in choosing the jury that convicted her…

“The predominantly white jury contrasted with an African-American population in Dallas County of 22.5 percent, lawyers said in their request for the delay of execution.”

Yeah, right!


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Good grammar reduces password security

The following is a press release from Carnegie-Mellon University earlier this month.

– Grammar Undercuts Security Of Long Computer Passwords –

“Pittsburgh – When writing or speaking, good grammar helps people make themselves be understood. But when used to concoct a long computer password, grammar — good or bad — provides crucial hints that can help someone crack that password, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated.”

Read the full release here.

Prime Ministerial appointments threaten democracy

In his story “Harper majority now sits in Senate” appearing in the Toronto Sun on January 25th, Parliamentary Bureau Chief David Akin tells us that with his 5 recent appointments, Prime Minister Harper has now appointed 53 out of the 105 present Senate incumbents.  Not mentioned is the threat to democracy which prime ministerial appointments to the Senate bring with them.

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Gun Control Reaction – January 25th, 2013

It’s the drugs not the guns – This column was put up by Forbes magazine on January 14/13 and then removed just a few hours later, with the stated reason being that some of the sources used are connected to the Church of Scientology…

47 states revolt against Obama gun control

Why is Adam Lanza’s documentary history missing?

Anonymous warns of ‘insurrection in America’ due to Obama’s gun grab

Sheriff Babeu sends letter to Obama criticizing gun proposal