Monthly Archives: March 2013

Are America and the West being deliberately destroyed?

“If we Americans cannot even agree on what is right and wrong and moral and immoral, how do we stay together in one national family? If one half of the nation sees the other as morally depraved, while the latter sees the former as saturated in bigotry, sexism and homophobia, how do we remain one united nation and one people?” – Patrick Buchanan.

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The Zygier case: Mossad screwed up big-time

In their op-ed “Zygier Case Revealed: In Failing To Penetrate Iran And Hezbollah, He Exposed Israeli Spies In Lebanon” written by Richard Silverstein and posted yesterday, “eurasiareview” tells us that the recruiting of Australian dual-citizen Ben Zygier resulted in serious security lapses that resulted in damage to the Mossad, particularly in Lebanon.

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The Toronto Police are totally out of control

“The police have time and again demonstrated that they are utterly incapable of policing themselves, and it is clear that only strong legislation with sharp teeth will put a stop to such abuses.”

I sometimes wonder why I bother to write about this issue, it seems that anybody trying to draw attention to police abuses and get some improvements made is just bashing their head against a brick wall.

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