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Sgt. Ryan Russell’s widow needs to shut up…

This is a letter-to-the-editor which will not be published.

Re: “Man who killed cop will have opportunity to walk Whitby streets” April 30th, 2013.

I am finding myself increasingly upset and disturbed at Christine Russell’s continued complaints  about her husband’s killer not being locked up forever.  I am getting the impression that she would gladly pull the trapdoor on him if we still had capital punishment.

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“Blatant smearing of White people”: A follow-up

“…I have no intention of giving credibility to your omission by debating it with you, nor do I think this matter can be satisfactorily dealt with by my setting a precedent for you to justify any future repetitions merely by offering to publish a rebuttal.”

Below is a copy-and-paste of the text of a letter I received yesterday from the Editor-in-Chief of the York Region Media Group subsidiary of Metroland Media, following a complaint I sent to them on December 31st last year, and the text of my response appears below that, together with links to background material.

Nothing much can be done until a decision is made by the Ontario Press Council, which will be considering the matter at its June meeting.

Jeff Goodall.

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Canadian Human Rights Tribunal boss bullied subordinates

“Ms. Chotalia, during meetings and in the presence of other employees, behaved in a way that was belittling and humiliating toward individuals…  Ms. Chotalia frequently yelled insults and directed defamatory comments at a member, questioning his competencies and bringing up issues about this person’s health and capacity to work in the presence of other employees” – Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Mario Dion.

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