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“Nature / Environment / Critters” April 18th, 2013

Oklahoma earthquake linked to oil extraction wastewater

Student invents ‘towing array’ to skim garbage from oceans

Disturbing link between ‘fracking’ and earthquakes?

Pascua Lama mining project halted 2nd time for environmental violations

Denying water to animals at Sri Lanka airport “defiles national image”  – Note: Scroll down to “Decision to close water holes around Mattala Airport”

Degenerate scum celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death

“A blast of the controversial top ten song Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead signalled the start of a party at Danderhall Miners’ Welfare and Social Club in Midlothian yesterday afternoon to celebrate the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher… the event which was expected to attract up to 300 people, began with a number of former miners, who had been on strike during the bitter 1984 dispute, marking the day with their own private toasts.” – From a news item in “The Scotsman”.

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Margaret Thatcher: One of the greatest leaders of our time

“Prophetic in her vision for a stronger Britain as well as a freer world, Thatcher diagnosed the Socialist disease that plagues the globe and offered the cure of smaller government, lower taxation and economic expansion. Her enemies put forth wealth redistribution and equal misery for all with more taxation, regulation and government rule. It is small wonder her enemies celebrate her death in the streets, but all Americans and the world should reflect and hold in wonder the ideals of Margaret Thatcher, while reimplementing them before it is too late.” – Libertarian Terresa Monroe-Hamilton.

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