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How Britain’s “Tory” party became the “Torah” party

“(Prime Minister Tony) Blair and (Foreign Secretary Jack) Straw have become far too close to these people and Lord Levy, who is an unaccountable ambassador in the Middle East, is part of this group. They are acting on an extremely Zionist, Likud-nik agenda. In particular I am concerned that some of them are pushing for an attack on Syria, for reasons of Israeli security… It is an enormously sensitive issue and that’s why very many of us have been extremely reticent about it, because we don’t want to be seen as anti-Semitic.” – Tam Dalyell MP, quoted by The Scotsman on Sunday, May 4th, 2003.

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Obama & America’s Decline – June 29th, 2013

Once again, a “Bits & Pieces” post with more than the usual five items.

Quite frankly, America is falling so far and so fast under President Obama that ten items for this category may well become the new normal.

Each and every one of the links below leads to an article or analysis which has some significance with regards to America’s decline under President Obama, ranging from disrespect by other powers, to massive tax rebate fraud, criminally mis-managed security clearance checks, and individual States feeling compelled to pass laws nullifying federal encroachments on their rights and privileges.

And perhaps most ominously of all, the Federal Reserve is ordering pension funds to begin investing in U.S. debt – a doomed “Ponzi scheme” in which Obamacare and other socialist lunacy will be paid for out of “real” money invested by “real” people to secure their future after retirement.

What a disgusting mess.

Jeff Goodall.

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Toronto’s “Pride Week” funding will not be easily stopped

“We have politicians walking down the street, throwing rose petals and money at these events, yet air ambulance is a shambles and you’ve got people freezing in the snow waiting for a bus.” – Gregory Thomas, national director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“Gays are not satisfied with tolerance, or even acceptance.  They demand outright approval, and  ‘approval’ has to be demonstrated in concrete terms, such as in funding and attending their lavish public indulgences.” – JG.

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The notorious “Section 13” finally bites the dust!!!

Bill C-304, “An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act”  received final approval earlier tonight from the Senate.

And, it was not amended in any way.

Let’s hope the Governor-General doesn’t sit on it for another year or so…

More on this momentous and very heartening development later.

I really needed something good to happen right now!!!

Jeff Goodall

Muslims in the West – June 26th, 2013

There are ten items in this post, rather than the usual five.

Muslims are becoming more numerous in the West, and thus increasingly more assertive, and this is reflected by an increase in the number of crimes of violence, intimidation, and murder committed against Westerners.

“Honour killings” against their own wives and daughters obviously aren’t decreasing much either…

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Newmarket “hate crimes”: The Ontario Press Council hearing

“I approached it as a labour arbitration hearing, got all my facts and arguments marshalled, and went right after Metroland from the start because, as the person complaining, I got to go first.

After a lot of backward and forward debate and questioning, I believe that I won overwhelmingly on points.  Metroland was constantly defensive while I was very much on the attack, and I kept notes and saw that the panel questioned the Metroland representative far more than they did me, and they were far more probing with him.”

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