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Obama & America’s Decline – Oct. 25th, 2013

Seven items in total…

More sensitive Snowden disclosures coming – “It will be very difficult for the US to dig out of this…”

Obama purging military commanders – “Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year…”

Obama “targeting traditional Christian believers and their groups as extremists and mocking their beliefs”

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Scottish Nationalism – Oct. 24th, 2013

Scotland could not expect to automatically inherit the country’s historic regiments

SNP’s plans to be part of a sterling-zone “utterly economically incoherent”… see here and here

Potential problems for Scottish armed forces, removal of Trident

BBC Scotland “complicit” in a “co-ordinated campaign” by the SNP to manipulate referendum coverage

SNP has not said how they will fund pledges such as renationalising Royal Mail

China to buy majority stake in future UK nuclear plants?

“The MoU, (memorandum of understanding), signed by UK treasury secretary Lord Deighton and Xu Yongsheng, head of China’s National Energy Administration, sets the strategic framework for collaboration on investment, technology, construction and expertise… Further to the MoU, UK-based International Nuclear Service has also signed an agreement with Chinese Nuclear Power Engineering Company Ltd to share UK experience on radioactive waste management, under which Chinese technicians will begin initial training activities in the UK later this month.” (Emphasis added).

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Quit whining over Christians! – Nationalist Party of Canada

“Your whining for Christmas and Christians makes me want to puke.” – Don Andrews, Leader, Nationalist Party of Canada, Toronto.

Oh dear, oh dear! The above is an extract from some kind of missive allegedly “forwarded” to me by Don Andrews on October 8th.  That was nine days ago, but I have not as yet received anything.  In fact, the only reason I am aware of this missive is that I Google my name once in a while to see if anyone is bad-mouthing me…

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“Nature / Environment / Critters” Oct. 16th, 2013

Ontario: Gov’t. “dismantling environmental protections”, private companies allowed to “hand over Crown land”.

Nicaragua: Agro-ecological sector threatened by “transgenic crops”

France: Constitutional court upholds fracking ban

Argentina: Vital aquifers put at risk by uncontrolled use, little accurate scientific data

General: How Islamic terrorists finance their attacks by elephant poaching

Family Security Matters – Appeal for support

I have been receiving Family Security Matters email updates for several years now, and they are a useful part of the way in which I stay up-to-date on matters of importance to those concerned with the deconstruction of Western Civilization, particularly through attacks on the family unit.

Although their material is concerned primarily with American problems, the parallels with Britain, Canada and Australasia are helpful and enlightening.  Their email updates are free.

I highly recommend sending them a donation, see the links below.

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