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Israel’s Foreign Minister wants a divorce from the U.S.?

“…the US is now facing too many problems in its own economy. This, in my opinion, raises the question of whether the US is still a reliable partner for Israel. I believe that Israel should look for other partners, but they should be chosen among countries that don’t depend on money from the Arab world.” – Avigdor Lieberman.

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Obama & America’s Decline – Nov. 21st, 2013

Global warming and the U.N: U.S. taxpayers to pay for the rope to hang themselves?

Obama omitted the words “under God” from the Gettysburg Address, press “damage control” attempt…

U.S. war readiness in jeopardy as pilots flee, forces down-sized

New cars may be required to “broadcast” location, direction, and speed

Churchill bust Obama tossed from the Oval Office has new home

Resistance to feminist man-haters begins to emerge…

“…even though women’s centres have been a common feature of university life since the 1970s, many feminists are antagonistic to the very notion that men might need their own centres…  What  is the men’s centre? The simple answer is that the men’s centre is everywhere else.

“…Canada’s first Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CCMF) will open next spring in Toronto. The CCMF will serve as a dedicated venue for the discussion of issues that affect men in particular – such as fatherlessness, declining enrolment in universities and increasing male suicide rates…”

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Playing second fiddle to the “Rob Ford Show”?

On November 11th I fired off two letters to the Toronto Sun, neither of which was published.

Maybe they weren’t worthy, but I did notice that more than half of the letters published from November 13th to today inclusive (26 to 20 by my count) are about Rob Ford and the present leftist-created mess at Toronto City Hall.

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Is “Seven of Nine” a racist?

“Why assimilate species that would detract from perfection?” – Seven of Nine, speaking of her Borg years.

Heard later last week while I was watching “Star Trek- Voyager”.  She also refers to some life-forms as being “unworthy of assimilation”…

Logic and common sense are there all the time, even on television!  All we have to do is pay attention!!!

Jeff Goodall.

Obama & America’s Decline – Nov. 16th, 2013

Sleezy sex-and-booze ads used to sell Obamacare?

Egypt: Terrorism charges filed against Obama and his Kenyan half-brother

Former Federal Reserve official apologises for quantitive easing rip-off

Obamacare: “We have to pass the law before anybody reads it!” – Snowden leaks results of NSA Pelosi bugging

How to destroy America from within – Wayne Root’s college days with Obama

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – Nov. 15th, 2013

Syria: Christian, Shi’ite girls used as “sex slaves”

Egypt: Franciscan school torched, Islamists parade nuns around “like prisoners of war”

U.S: “So help me God” now optional in Air Force oath

Scotland: Ministers may face legal action over gay marriage

U.S: The sanctity of life to be replaced with a socialist ideology that people are disposable?