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“Diversity” brings forced marriages and family violence…

“…service providers need to understand the issues such as class, caste, religion, family values and family structure if they hope to provide meaningful help… Durham Regional Police officers received training at the conference to help ‘develop cultural competency’… in some cultures a male police officer shouldn’t be alone in a room with a female. These are the kinds of things that can impact a whole investigation…”

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“Gay” activists refused visas into Canada

The only reason I am putting this up, is because I want to see how long it takes for the government to grovel to the LGBT agenda and reverse its decision… !

Mid-June: There we go, the visas are all either done, or being processed now, see here.

Jeff G.

See the Toronto Star news item “Ugandan gay activists denied visas to World Pride conference” here.

May 29th – See “Denying visas to Ugandan LGBT activists reeks of hypocrisy” (VICE Canada) here.

Muslims and the West – May 24th, 2014

Six items in total…

U.S: Christian police captain punished for refusing to attend mosque services

U.K: The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets – “There was a clear diversion of funding away from secular bodies serving the whole community to faith-based or religious groups serving only sections of the community.”

U.S: Dearborn Home Depot employees to be subjected to “cultural awareness training”

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Europe – Oil and Islamization go hand-in-hand

“…forty years ago the non-communist governments of Europe made an agreement with the Arab world: in return for supporting the Palestinians against Israel and allowing Muslim immigration into Europe, they would be guaranteed a continuous supply of oil at a relatively stable price. Four decades later, the bargain still holds. Both the oil and the immigrants still flow into Europe… We will become part of the global Ummah, or we will descend into civil war and chaos.”

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